Iran Summer Tour; Let's Travel To Iran in Summer 2021

I am so happy to find out that you are thinking of an Iran summer tour. Smart decision! You’ve probably heard that this beautiful land is famous for being a four-season country and there are always places that hit the right spot! (temperature-wise!). I’ve divided the article into two parts to be able to introduce all the possible destinations and give you all the more options to choose from for your Iran tours.

So, for starter, let's take a look at the maps below:

So in this article, we are going to cover the head of the cat, sorry, I mean the north-western regions of the country!

And one more thing before we jump into the real stuff; Both lists are just introductions to the places and do not include in-depth details of locations and cities. for more detailed information about each place click on the title of each location and read all about it. Use this list to help you choose provinces, cities and plan your trip to Iran in the summer, and don't forget to check out our Iran summer tour offers! We’ve made everything easier for you.

So, with no further ado, Iranmedopia is here with an introduction to the coolest summer destinations in Iran! (part 1: West, North-west)

1. Tabriz

Tabriz is the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province, in northwestern Iran. It is one of Iran's major touristic destinations. you can choose here in your Iran summer tour. here have both historical and natural attractions to appeal to all kinds of tourists traveling to the area.

Tabriz Historical Attractions:

  • Tabriz Bazaar: largest covered bazaar in the world and the oldest bazaar in the middle east. Read more about this item on the UNESCO world heritage center website.
  • The blue mosque: a masterpiece of art and architecture in the post-Islamic era, also known as "the turquoise of Islam" and " Jahanshah mosque". The blue mosque was part of a larger complex, but today only the blue mosque remains and the rest were destroyed by a massive earthquake back in 1776.

Tabriz Natural attractions:

Tabriz is a very beautiful historical city with great nature. the locations mentioned here could count both as historical and natural. Here's why:

  • Arasbaran Forest: Arasbaran is a large mountainous area stretching from the south of Ahar to the Aras River in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. Arasbaran is an ecologically rich region with massive tourism potential. the diversity of plants and wildlife in the area is such that it is called the wildlife museum of Iran. and there are historical buildings like Babak castle located in the forest. Arasbaran could become Iran's second natural site on the World Heritage List. with all these natural and historical attractions, you get the best of both worlds! I really really really hope you get to see the nomads too! what else could you possibly want?
  • Kandovan rocky village: Kandovan is an old rocky village in Iran's East Azerbaijan province, near the city of Tabriz. you can choose here for your Iran summer tour. Its houses have been dug out in the mountains more than 800 years ago and still are inhabited by 117 families. It’s the only rocky village in the world that is still inhabited. So it is quite interesting to take a look at its people's way of life in this modern world while enjoying the fresh rural weather! If you are planning to travel to Iran in the summer, make sure you put this place on the list of places to visit. it is too cold to travel to in winter.

There are tons of other historical and natural attractions in and around the city of Tabriz. this article's purpose is just to give you an idea of the place.

for more information on what to eat in Tabriz, where to stay in Tabriz, and all the questions that come along when you visit a new place just visit the article dedicated to the introduction of Tabriz.

2. Urumia

Urmia or Orumiyeh is the largest city in West Azerbaijan Province of Iran and the capital of Urmia County. A lot of people around the country choose this city for their summer vacation because of its mild weather. Here's a brief list of the city touristic attractions:

  • First and foremost the highly debated Urmia lake: Urmia lake is the largest salt lake in the middle eats but because of climate change and lack of supervision it's shrinking in size and has made a lot of climate activists in Iran angry. the matter also received world attention after the famous activist and Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, made Instagram posts regarding the matter. still, after all, it's been through, the lake remains one of the main attractions of the city and is a sight to see.
  • Church of Saint Mary: St. Mary Church (Also known as Naneh Maryam Church) is an ancient Assyrian church located in the city of Urmia. It is considered the second oldest church in the world by some historians and also the first church in the eastern countries.
  • Darreh-ye Qasemlu: the place is considered a picnic location for a lot of locals. it has a lot of fruit gardens and places to camp and enjoys a nice sunny summer day in the country.


Sanandaj is the capital city of Kurdistan province, Kurdish people are known for their hospitality and beautiful costumes. a great destination for your Iran summer tour.  there are tourist attractions all over the city with a lot of natural and historical locations to visit. from oak forests to rivers, from costumes to food, from mansions to mosques. there is everything that appeals to the eye in this beautiful city.

  • Khosro Abad Mansion: Khosro Abad Mansion is a must visit place in Sanandaj, Iran. Located in the Khosro Abad region. this is one of the most famous monuments which attracts a lot of tourists and photographers.
  • Sanandaj Museum: the museum itself has a very beautiful and picturesque building. it offers artifacts from the pre-historic era and also Islamic history and Kurdistan history.
  • The Uramanat Villages: The Uramanat region spreads over parts of Sanandaj, Kamyaran, and Sarvabad. The mountainous nature, forest cover, and the existence of rivers are all attractions for nature lovers but the main thing that draws attention to the area is the unique architecture of the houses and the lifestyle of the villagers. it is estimated that the village is 40 thousand years old due to the artifacts found in the caves around the area.