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Wearing glasses after nose job

Wearing glasses after rhinoplasty is one of the patients ‘problems. The use of glasses is prohibited for some time after a nose job in Iran. If you have to wear glasses, you are only allowed to wear them when necessary (It is also for a short time). In this case, we recommend that you stick the glasses to the forehead with a piece of glue, so that the weight of the glasses does not damage your nose.

After rhinoplasty, the nasal bones are soft for about one to two months. If you put pressure on the nasal bone, it may change the shape of the bone.

Time to put on glasses after nose job - wearing glasses after rhinoplasty

Typically, there is a plaster or a plastic mold (splint) on the nose about 7 to 10 days after surgery. The splint holds the bones in place in the new position. They are relatively fixed in their new state but are not completely fixed. 

When wearing glasses, the weight of the glasses falls on the nose and causes the bones to move from their new state. As a result, the appearance of your nose becomes deformed. You can use glasses after removing the splint. 

Lightweight frameless glasses put a little weight on the nose. It is better to stick the glasses on the forehead so that the weight is not transferred to the nose.  

We recommend using a medical lens during this time. It is possible to use medical lenses after 2 days of rhinoplasty. According to your doctor, use formless prescription glasses from the sixth to the eighth week. Also, sunglasses are generally heavy. Don’t wear sunglasses for 6 to 12 months.

Wearing glasses after this period doesn’t cause a problem in the nose. (it doesn’t affect the result of your nose job) 

Will wearing glasses after rhinoplasty cause permanent damage?

Immediately following a rhinoplasty, you may experience moderate pain and swelling of your nose. If you wear eyeglasses, it may put weight and pressure on the bridge of the nose, causing additional pain and discomfort.

Avoid eyewear for six weeks after surgery, this prevents a permanent dent after a nose job. Don’t allow sunglasses to manipulate or pushed your nose bones. Wearing eyeglasses may cause indentations or leave bumps on the nose.

Which one should I have first, the Lasik surgery or the nose surgery?

If you decide to Lasik your eye, it is better to operate on your eye first. Then perform rhinoplasty. This way, you will not have a problem with glasses after rhinoplasty. If for any reason you want to operate on your nose first and then have eye surgery, there is no problem.

What should be the minimum time interval between rhinoplasty and Lasik?

The minimum time interval between rhinoplasty and Lasik depends on the doctor’s opinion of the condition. This time interval varies between two to four weeks.