Persian Gardens - Travel to the Manmade Heavens on Earth in Iran

Persian Gardens are purposefully employed to create a replica of the Garden of Eden on earth. They were meant to symbolize heaven and the four Zoroastrian elements; sky, earth, water, and plants. now it is possible to visit them on the Iran tours.

Because of its celestial origin, many people assume that Persian gardens belong to Post-Islamic architecture, but the truth is the history of Persian gardens goes back to a few millennia before the emergence of Islam in Iran (Persia).

According to archaeological findings, the first garden to form a four-garden taken shape (Chahar-bagh in Farsi) in Iran is the garden Pasargadae, which was built by Cyrus the Great (550-330 BC). This garden along with other gardens mentioned at the end of the article are all of world heritage status.

later on, Persian architecture was embraced and later integrated into Islamic architecture.

Persian Gardens have taken different shapes over the course of years but the essence has persisted through millennia and it shows the flexibility of the principle of Chahar-bagh (four Gardens).

Designs of Persian gardens have influenced the art of garden design worldwide. you can see example of this in Taj Mahal in India, and Al-Andalus in Spain.

The initial structure of Persian gardens was based on a geometrical quadripartite division with a pavilion in its intersection.

Below, You can observe the geometrical structures of Persian Gardens:

a) Shahzadeh-Mahan Garden -Kerman

b) Fin Garden - Kashan

c) Chehel sotun Garden -Esfahan

I will mention 3 important articles on Iranian Gardens for those who want dig into the details even more and grasp the whole notion of Persian gardens, their artistic, philosophical, religious and psychological aspects. take a look before starting your tour to the world-famous Iranians Gardens

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A garden is a delight to the eye, and a solace to the soul; it soothes angry passions, and produces that pleasure which is a foretaste of paradise

Now, you are ready for your life-changing Iran Tour to the magnificent Persian Gardens!

Persian Gardens to Include in Your Tour To Iran: ( All of World Heritage Status)

Eram Garden | Shiraz
a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, District 1, Eram St, Iran
Phone: +98 71 3227 2538

Chehel Sotoon Garden | Esfahan
A a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Address: Esfahan, Imam Hossein Square، Iran
Phone: +98 31 3222 0181

Fin Garden | Kashan
A a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Address: Kashan, Amir Kabir St, Iran
Phone: +98 31 5530 2010

Abbas Abad Garden | Mazandaran
Abbas Abad Historical Complex
A a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Instead of walking in the garden , we paddle here!

Shahzadeh Mahan Garden | Kerman
a historical Persian garden located near Mahan in Kerman province, Iran.

Dolat-Abad Garden | Yazd
Built in 1747
the walled complex includes the country's tallest wind catcher, orchards & fountains.
Address: Yazd, Iran
Phone: +98 35 3627 0781

Pahlavan Pour Garden | Yazd
Address: Yazd Province, Mehriz, Iran
Phone: +98 913 855

Akbarie Garden | South Khorasan
Address: South Khorasan Province, Birjand, Khayam St, Iran
Phone: +98 917 425 7008

I hope you find the time to visit at least one or two of these magnificent Garden during your trip to Iran. Please let us know if this article was helpful and if there's anything we can help you with.