Shiraz travel Guide for first timers [Visit Shiraz 2020]

Shiraz has always been the center of attention among Iran Tours. But still, talking to them, I realize they're missing out on so many major locations and activities. So if Shiraz is on your list too, follow me for a great Shiraz Travel Guide!

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Where is Shiraz?

Shiraz, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is situated in southwestern Iran; Shiraz is the capital of Fars province. it is known as the city of wine, love, and poetry.

Shiraz Travel Guide: Historical background

Iran is a country of ancient history. and one its ancient cities is Shiraz.

what is Shiraz travel guide without some bits of history? let's get some!

Ancient Persians were present in Shiraz from about 10th century BC, and became the rulers of the largest empire the world had yet seen under the Achaemenid dynasty!

The name of the province, Fars, is the modern version of ancient Parsa, the homeland, if not the place of origin, of the Persians. It was here that the Persian kings ruled and left behind numerous historical and ancient monuments, and were buried, both in the mountain behind Persepolis and in the rock face of nearby Naqsh-e Rustam.

Iran-Shiraz Map

Here's your guide for the great Shiraz trip to the 8 thousand years old Fars

Shiraz Travel Guide : Attractions of Shiraz

Attractions In the city of Shiraz:

Pink Mosque

The play of color and light! make sure you add pink Mosque to your Shiraz trip list. and go there first thing in the morning or you will lose the sun rays hitting the pink tiles!


Eram Garden

A world heritage cite and a perfect example of Persian Garden structure. a must on your Shiraz List of places to visit!


Tomb of Hafiz

The beloved poet of Iranian people! we know his poems by heart! make sure you buy Fal -e hafiz! Comment it and I'll tell you what it means!

Arg-e Karim-Khan

visit a museum in an 18-century citadel! have blast!

Vakil Complex

The old and traditional bazaar of Shiraz is a delight to the eye! make sure you pack a camera for your Iran-Shiraz trip!


Shah Cheragh Shrine

12 century mosque and funerary monument built by Queen Tashi Khatoun! magnificent!

Shiraz travel Guide: other attractions in the city of Shiraz:

  • Jame Atiq Mosque: one of the oldest religious monuments
  • Qavam house: A Traditional and historical house
  • Afif Abad Garden: an outstanding example of Persian gardens
  • Quran gate: A historical gate at the northeastern entrance of Shiraz
  • Tomb of Khajou Kermani: tomb of a famous poet and Sufi mystic
  • Zinat ol-Molouk House: Qajar era monument
  • Jahan Nama Garden: the oldest garden in Shiraz
  • Pars museum: a museum of metal objects, pottery, all kinds of coins and seal from the fourth millennium before Christs to the modern
  • Shapouri House: 20th century Persian building and garden

Include Locations Outside the city in Your Shiraz trip, you'll thank me later!

Qalat Village

Incredible landscapes, cultural attractions, amazing people, great weather!


Dom-e Asb Canyon and Waterfall

A very beautiful and scenic canyon! PERFECT FOR ADVENTURISTS!


Persepolis Palaces

The city of the Persians! must I even comment on it? its known to all! must visit!


Naqsh-e Rostam

An Ancient necropolis: tomb of Darius the first, Tomb of Xerxes, Cube of Zoroaster!


Cyrus the Great Tomb

Here lies the founder of Achaemenid Empire!

The Lost Paradise

spectacular area with beautiful dense trees and river falls! just put in some time and climb a little to get to the best parts!

Shapour Cave and Statue

Shapour, the second king of Sassanid Empire, in a cave on the heights overlooking Chogan valley.


Maharlou Lake

By mid-summer the lake water turns pinkish red as a result of the red tide within the lake!

other attractions Outside the city for Shiraz travel:

  • Izad-Khast Castle
  • Tang-e Boraq Canyon
  • Raqz Canyon
  • Margoun Waterfall
  • Historical Chogan Canyon
  • Sarvestan Palace
  • Anahita Temple
  • Kazeroun Daffedoil Flowerbed