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Sleeping position after rhinoplasty is one of the postoperative care. Any surgery you do can be painful and annoying. Especially when you are looking for a good sleeping position to have the least pressure on the operated area. In this article, we will talk about how to sleep after rhinoplasty (the best sleeping position after rhinoplasty). 

One of the best things you can do after a nose job is rest. If you decide to have rhinoplasty in Iran, follow the article. It may seem simple, but after rhinoplasty sleeping is not easy. Your nose is very weak after rhinoplasty. Protecting the nose from accidental injuries is very important.

How should I sleep after rhinoplasty?

When you sleep, you may aimlessly rotate and straighten your face (or place your arm on your face). That’s why it’s important to know the best tips for safe sleep after rhinoplasty. Sleeping in a semi-sitting position is the best possible position. This reduces swelling and inflammation after rhinoplasty.

 Doctors recommend sleeping on the back (sleeping on the back is the best sleeping position after rhinoplasty). In this position, use a few extra pillows under your head. It is better to sleep alone for 3 weeks. Otherwise, your spouse or children may accidentally hit your nose while you sleep.

Some important conditions at rest after rhinoplasty

It is important to have enough sleep after the surgery. Here are some tips to help you avoid sleeping problems after rhinoplasty:

  • Avoid caffeine
  • Use painkiller if necessary
  • Sleep alone
  • Use extra pillows
  • Sleep on your back
  • Rest more than usual

The first week is the most important period after rhinoplasty. After 7-10 days, patients can begin to sleep in different sleeping positions. Be careful not to put pressure on your nose.

Avoid caffeine

Avoid caffeine so you can get a good night’s sleep. Generally, do things that create a restful sleep for you. For example, keep your phone away and don’t look at a screen at bedtime. Try decaffeinated herbal tea like chamomile before sleeping. It may be difficult for you to sleep in an almost sitting position for the first week. 

35–40-degree angle when sleeping

After rhinoplasty, your head and nose should be above the heart (at least for a while after the nose job). This sleeping position after rhinoplasty minimizes swelling. For example, you can sleep in a chair for about a week. We also recommend using a few pillows to raise your head.

It is important to be as comfortable as possible after surgery (Rest easily). Do not sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side may cause asymmetric bruising and swelling. You may accidentally injure your nose.

The first few weeks are very important

Healing your nose takes several months. During this time your nose is still changing. In the first few weeks, sleep patterns have the greatest effect on the result. Avoid sleeping on your stomach (for at least six weeks). Sleeping on your stomach will increase the risks of damaging your nose.

Sleep alone

You may sleep with your spouse or children. Sleep alone for a while now. As a result, no one’s hand accidentally hits your nose. Trauma to the nose after rhinoplasty is very painful. Trauma can also affect the result of your nose job. Don’t take any risks.

Is it hard to sleep after rhinoplasty?

Is it hard to sleep after rhinoplasty? This is a question that comes to patient’s minds and worries them. We answer that it depends on you. It is important to train yourself before your surgery date. To keep from turning over onto your side or stomach, position pillows under each arm or below your knees.

Once you are fully healed, you can return to any sleeping position you like. However, we recommend continuing to sleep on your back. 

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