Duration of dental implants |How long does dental implant take?

The duration of dental implants is one of the things that people like to know. “How long does the dental implant placement take?” People you know may ask. Some people want to know if they can have a dental implant in one day. Many different factors are influencing the answer to these questions. The duration of dental implants can be different for each person. The dental implant process (dental implant in Iran) is essentially a three-phase process. The whole process usually takes 5 to 8 months. People who need implants for the entire mouth will experience a longer process. 

Duration of dental implants

The duration of dental implants, as we said, is different for different people. For people who need to replace one or a few teeth, the dentist can do the process in less time. Jaw bone density is different from person to person. You can even use instant implants (Immediately after tooth extraction, the dental implant is performed). After the implant, we usually have to wait a while for the implant to be completely in place and hold the bone around the implant. This period is usually:

  • Three to four months in the mandible 
  • Four to six months in the maxilla

After this time, we can start the molding process for the implant cover (The duration of a dental implant is usually long).

The first phase of the dental implant – Evaluation

The first phase of the dental implant is evaluation. This step can include the following if necessary:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Bone grafting

You take a CT scan. The dental implant specialist evaluates the bone structures at the site of your tooth implant. If you don’t need bone grafting, you can go to step two. If you need a bone graft, the first stage takes 3 to 6 months.

Why would a dentist do a bone graft?

Generally, if your tooth is lost for a long time, a bone graft is needed. When you lose your teeth, during the first year, the bone is lost twice as fast as normal bone resorption. As a result, immediate implant placement is very important:

  • To reduce the cost of dental implants
  • To reduce the duration of dental implants

So, if you lost your tooth, get a dental implant as soon as possible (before the definitive need for a bone graft).

Take timely action to reduce the price of dental implants.

The second phase of the dental implant – Inserting the implant base

The second phase of the dental implant is as follows:

The dental implant specialist places the main base of the implant in the bone. Then you have to let it heal. Inserting the implant base takes one to two hours (1-2 hours). Recovery time is 3 to 6 months. During this time, the titanium alloy implant heals in the mouth and fuses with the patient’s bone tissue. Titanium alloy implant is the same material used in dental implants.

The most important step of the dental implant is implant transplantation with the tooth bone. A major part of the success of dental implants depends on this step.

How can a dental implant be successful?

If the dental implant specialist inserts the implant carefully and the implant-to-bone graft is successful, you can almost have a successful dental implant. Of course, don’t forget the effect of dental implant care and oral hygiene.

The dentist needs to have the right time to maintain quality.

The third phase of dental implants – Dental crown placement

The third phase of dental implants is Dental crown placement. Your doctor will place a denture or crown on the main base of the implant that was previously placed in your jaw. This creates an image of your mouth. Your new tooth or teeth are created to fit your mouth in size, shape, and color. This step is about two weeks apart.

Doctors use a connector called an abutment to attach the crown to the implant base. They place the abutment between the crown of the tooth and the base of the implant. The dental implant is the best replacement for a missing tooth. For more information about cosmetic dentistry in Iran contact us through our website.