Isfahan Attractions | Travel to Half of the World in 2021-2022

Today we are going to talk about Isfahan  Attractions and why it should be on your Iran cities list to visit. I will elaborate on why and give you some insights and suggestions for perfect Iran tours.

Isfahan or Esfahan, the capital of Isfahan Province, is the third-largest city in Iran and among the most famous destinations for tourists traveling to Iran.

The city was a hit from 1052 to 1722, and specifically in the Safavid Era. The city became the capital of Persia and became world-known for its palaces, mosques, and overall fascinating city attractions.

There is a famous Persian proverb "Isfahan, Nesf-e Jahan" which means " Isfahan, Half of the world". That's where it all comes from!

Isfahan is one of the finest cities in the Islamic World and is famous for its Islamic architecture and amazing bridges, squares, and many World Heritage sites which makes it a must-visit among travelers to Iran.

Its usually taken for granted that if you want to visit Iran, you visit Isfahan too

The whole city is a vibrant living masterpiece and walking in some of its street makes you feel like you're walking in a museum. "Half of the world" awaits you to show its majestic "turquoise domes".

Isfahan City Attractions

Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Second largest square in the world + an outstanding example of Iranian and Islamic architecture,. one of the major Isfahan attractions

Ali-Qapu Palace

With a sound music hall, the place has aesthetic and also acoustic value + you can see the unique paintings of Ostad Reza Abbasi

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

An architectural Masterpiece of Iranian architecture + a UNESCO world heritage site

Imam Mosque of Isfahan

a unique and everlasting masterpiece of Iranian architecture with magnificent domes and seven colored tiles

Si-o-Seh-Pol Bridge

Chehel-Sotun Palace

exquisite paintings which are the works of the most renowned Iranian artists: Reza Abbasi, a pleasure pavilion with elegant terrace

Vank Cathedral

A church built Iranian style! you have got to include it in your Isfahan tour

Other important tourist attractions in Isfahan city:

  • Menar Jonban Minaret (Shaking Minaret): if one of the minaret is shaken, the other Minaret will shake as well! (nearest tourist attraction: Isfahan Fire temple) : 6-8 km from Isfahan city
  • Martha Peters House: one of the old and beautiful houses in Isfahan in Jolfa district.
  • Beyt al-Lahm Church: this church has the biggest dome among churches of Isfahan and was built by Armenians.

Top 7 Activities to Do in Isfahan

  1. Climb Soffeh Mountain
  2. Cycle or walk along the beautiful Zayandeh-Roud River
  3. Enjoy a horse-draw carriage ride in the historic Naqshe-Jahan Square
  4. Have a picninc in Nazhvan Garden and enjoy the scenery
  5. Walk in Chahar-Bagh street
  6. Go to Si yo-se pol or Khajou Bridge at night and enjoy the people's nightlife, if you get lucky people are usually singing Persian songs there and the Eco and atmosphere will blow your mind away
  7. Visit the Azadegan Tea-house!

Isfahan Major Natural attractions

Isfahan Province is one the richest regions is Iran in terms of ecotourism as well as heritage tourism.Also, Isfahan cities such as Kashan, Naaein and Varzane are honeymoon spots and besides, the region also provides vast mesmerising deserts for astronomers and lovers of night desert skies.

Isfahan city is located at the foothills of Zagros mountains and thus providing its inhabitants with a number of beautiful hiking spots, waterfalls and valleys.

here are top 3 natural attractions of Isfahan for dear Iran tourists:

Mesr Desert in Isfahan: 420 km far from Isfahan City

Visit Mesr village and you will be stunned by the beauty of the desert. camp, make a fire and watch the night sky and Make sure you visit Mesr Village too. your Mesr desert tour is lost without visiting this unique village. you can even stay a night there in a caravanserai! you can rent a proper car and hit the road!

If you do plan to visit Mesr Desert, Read the article exclusively about Iran deserts and make the most out of your Iran Deserts tour!

Abyaneh Village: 180 km Far from Isfahan City, 90 km from Kashan City

You are going to love this 2500-year-old village!Apart from the beautiful scenery and natural importance, the village is valued for its preserved culture and history, walking in the village makes you feel like you've traveled to the past! If you like old cultures and lifestyles and love rural tourism this place must be included in your Iran villages tour!

Visit Abyaneh picture gallery and see for yourself!

Ab-Malakh Waterfall: 230 km far from Isfahan city

Hundred years ago a rock had been fallen from the mountain and blocked the river path. Later on, the strong water made a hole into this rock during years and that's how Abyaneh Waterfall was formed. one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran!

 Isfahan Attractions 5 days Itinerary

1st Day: Naqshe Jahan Square, Imam's Mosque, Ali Qapu Mansion, Qeysarieh Bazar, Chehel-Sotun Palace, natural history and Wildlife museum, Qazvini's house, Siyo-se-Pol Bridge

2nd Day: The Hasht Behesht Palace and Park, Chahar Bagh Ave, Vank Church, Bethlehem Church, Hacop Church, Holy Mary Church, Holy Georg Church, Flower Garden, Mount Soffeh

3rd Day: Nazhvan Forest Park, Bird Garden, Reptile Garden, Aquarium Tunnel, Monar Jonban (shaking minarets), Fire Camp

4th Day: Nazhvan Forest Park, Bird Garden, Reptile Garden, Aquarium Tunnel, Monar Jonban (shaking minarets), Fire Camp

5th DayChadegan city, Zayandeh-Roud Dam

I hope you liked our recommendations for Isfahan Attractions and I hope you have a terrific trip!!

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