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Nose tape not only improves the shape of the nose but also reduces swelling. After rhinoplasty, your nose becomes swollen. It is very important to pay attention to postoperative care. One of the points you should consider after rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty in Iran) is adhesive nasal tape. Rhinoplasty surgeons recommend taping the nose after nose job because it helps control edema (swelling) of the nose. 

  • Taping holds light pressure on the skin
  • The light pressure of taping prevents the skin and soft tissue of the nose from expanding

On the other hand, after rhinoplasty the underlying shape changes. (due to alteration to the shape of the cartilage of the nose) 

  • Taping allows the skin of the nose to help conform to the nose shape

How to tape the nose after rhinoplasty? 

There are two different types of taping techniques for people after rhinoplasty.

  • Patients place a single strip of tape over the supratip of the nose
  • Patients place a strip of tape under the columella of the nose and gently squeeze the tape around the infratip lobule (An additional strip of tape is placed on the supratip of the nose)

How to tape my nose?

In the first step:

  • Wash your face with warm water and mild soap


  • Only clean your nose and cheek with a cotton pad and alcohol


  • Dry your face and leave it for 5 minutes to let your skin to drying out completely

Other points to follow:

  • Use proper nasal tape and put it in a tape holder to the convenience of use
  • Depending on the size of your nose use 6 or 7 pieces of 2-3 cm lateral nose tapes (making sure they overlap each other)
  • Tape your bridge and not the tip 
  • Use a 10-12 cm strip for wrapping under your nose in a U-shaped movement
  • The middle part of the tape should be under the nasal tip

How long should I tape my nose after rhinoplasty?

The required time for using tape on your nose may be different. (between two weeks to two months depending on the type of the nasal skin). 

  • After two weeks: If the skin of the nose is clear and thin
  • Up to two months: If the skin is thick

We recommend that you tape your nose for at least two weeks. 

Does it make any problem to use nose tape for a longer time?

Usually, you cannot stop using the tapes for about 1-3 months. Of course, this time can differ in each case. It is better to use nasal tape for at least 3 months. Surgeons recommend having them off for at least 5-6 hours each day. 

One month after rhinoplasty, some specialists suggest taping during the night and having them off during the day. Let your nasal skin breathe during the day. Using nose tape too much can lead to irritation and can cause more swelling in some cases.

What happens if I don’t tape my nose after rhinoplasty?

As we have said, the adhesive nasal tape helps to subside swelling. If you don’t use the nose tape:

  • Swelling may take longer to go down
  • The risks of some complications, such as Polly beak deformity can increase
  • Advantages of the adhesive nasal tape

Advantages of the adhesive nasal tape are as follows: 

  • Reducing swelling quicker (reduce inflammation and swelling)
  • Speed healing
  • Obtaining a better and more predictable result
  • Controlling another anatomical element – the skin 
  • Achieving better surgical results in the postoperative period

In addition to the above, a nasal tape is a warning sign for those around you to treat you carefully.

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