Travel to Kashan | A One-Day Tour to The Ancient City Of Iran

Kashan is among the cities in Iran that have maintained its old texture in most parts of the city. so many people love to travel to Kashan to get a feeling of walking in an old city and staying in a historic house.

For a small city, Kashan has numerous attractions to fill your time for one or two days in Iran tours.

A lot of tourists make the mistake of not visiting Kashan, Maybe because it's a small city and they prefer to plan for the major cities, or maybe they think it's just another city.

I'm here to tell you why it's a mistake to not give this enchanting city a chance.

The best way to see Kashan is to get there early in the morning or the night before. You should plan your time carefully if you want to get it all in just one day.

If you get there at nighttime, you can stay the night in a charming traditional house. The next day, wake up early, have a Persian breakfast, and head for the city.

Kashan is all about architecture. On your travel to Kashan city, it's a must to walk the alleys and see the architecture and get blown away by the mesmerizing old atmosphere of the city.

I am here to help you get the best of your stay in Kashan. I will answer all the questions tourists might have when they travel to Kashan for the first time.

Where is Kashan?

Kashan is located in the north of Isfahan province and is to the south of Qom city.

It's a 2-3 hours drive from Tehran according to Google Map and you can easily get there by using car rental in Iran or flying depending on where you are on the map.

Why travel to Kashan?

I travel a lot and sometimes I visit a place a few times because of my job.

in the case of Kashan, the city has always had me in awe and admiration. It has stored its old texture and truly feels like going back in time.

Walking in the city and knowing that right here, thousand of years ago, someone else had stood is a big deal for me. I feel kind of lost and found at the same time.

Kashan was one of the primary centers of civilization in pre-historic ages. take a moment and think about that. A memory of those time, The Sialk ziggurat, still stands today in the suburbs of Kashan after 7,000 years.

and although its not as picturesque as other attractions of the city, I always like standing there, at the place history took place.

This small unique city will offer you its mosques to take with you in photographs, its caravansarais and gardens for you to rest in, its carpets for you to adore, and its ceramics and delicate textiles to take with you as souvenirs to your loved ones from an ancient city of Persian empire.

OK, I want to Travel to Kashan, tell me more!

Glad you asked! now let's see what the city has in store for our Beloved Iran's tourists!

When is the best time to travel Kashan?

Kashan's climate is cold and dry, meaning its cold in the winter and hot in the summer and perfect in spring. so you know what to expect and what to put in your backpacks.

just a few heads up, if you visit the city about May 5th till May 15th, you have the grand opportunity to take part in rose water festival.

As for the deserts of Kashan, autumn is the best time to camp and enjoy the night sky. taking a desert tour in Kashan will level up your Kashan experience!

Visit Abyaneh during your travel to Kashan

it would be a good choice for the rest of your trip too, because Abyaneh is mind blowing-ly beautiful in autumn and is located not so far from Kashan.

If you're not a picky traveler, I'd say any time is good except summer, and that is if you don't like hot weather.

What are Kashan's top attractions for Travelers?

1. Kashan’s Traditional Houses

It's fair to say that Kashan gained its reputation because of these well preserved traditional houses. These houses were mostly built for wealthy traders and merchants:

  • Abbasi House
  • Tabatabaei House
  • Borujerdi House
  • Ameriha House


2. Fin Garden:

one of the 9 Persian gardens registered on UNESCO world heritage list

3. The Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan:

Make sure you include this mosque on must-visit locations in your Iran-Kashan Tour. The mosque is praised as one of the greatest mosques of the 18th century. I'll let the Picture speak:

4. Kashan's Traditional Bazaar

This old bazaar is another must-visit in Kashan tour. even if you're not buying!

5. Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

This is my favorite place in Kashan! A Persian style bathhouse with turquoise and gold tiling on the wall. Magnificent paintings and the best roof in the whole wide world! it's worth every penny!

Kashan's rug Gallery, a great example of Persian rug

Kashan's rug may even be more popular with some tourists that the city itself.

A lot of the cities in Iran are famous for The art of carpeting. and generally Iran is known for its high quality rugs and carpets.

a lot of people travel to Kashan to buy its rugs, let's see some photos.