Hostels in Tehran: Top 5 Cheapest Hostels in Tehran

looking for cheap hostels in Tehran? Welcome! Tehran is one of my favorite cities in Iran that you can visit on Iran tours. I'm saying this by being well aware of the traffic and all the metropolitan problems you may already know about.

if you are planning a trip in the nearby future, you should prepare to be amazed by all the beauty and incredible attractions in Tehran. If you want to find out where to stay in Tehran, Iran for your vacation, this article is for you, so keep reading! Iran hotels are a great option for your accommodation.

I will introduce hostels for those who want to travel on a budget, connect with others, and enjoy the cozy, friendly atmosphere of Tehran's hostels.

Which neighborhood to stay in Tehran: a little peek

In my opinion, There is no “best neighborhood” for tourists to stay in Tehran. And I think depending on a person's budget, time of travel and interests the best neighborhood in Tehran can vary in huge scales.

The single biggest tip I can give is to be sure you stay within a short walk of a metro station. If you are, then getting around the city will be real easy.

Tehran is a huge city and like every metropolitan city has its rich and not so rich neighborhoods.

The north and north western parts of Tehran are considered wealthy neighborhoods and usually that's where the luxurious hotels with all five-star service and experience in Tehran are located.

The middle part of the Tehran's map, the belt, is considered average and almost all of the hostels are in this area.

The southern parts are known as poor neighborhoods, but they once used to be the city center in the old ages. thus they too have their own beauty and attractions. I enjoy walking in their narrow alleys and getting excited even for the old doorknobs!

Tehran's attractions have not scattered like the money I guess, because they're all over the city :)



Hostels are more than just somewhere to stay, don't you agree?

They're an easy way to meet new people in a comfortable place and chat. who knows, you might find a friend, a travel pal for some miles! (true story! it happened to myself in Shiraz.)

On the other hand, you can save some money and lessen your impact on the planet. I encourage all travelers to look into staying in hostels when they come to Tehran-Iran.

below, there is a list of Tehran's Hostels and I hope you find your desired place and have a blast during your tour to Iran.

1. See you in Iran: (Kojeen hostel in Tehran)

Kojeen Cafe and Hostel, also known is an artistic, interactive and multilingual hostel. You can stay there on low-budget, but still, it provides you a rich experience! They started as a platform to fight Iranophobia and that's why they chose the name see you in Iran.

I love the history behind this hostel and their hard work through all these years to introduce Iran to the world.

Their Cafe hosts many events and you can meet and talk with locals and other travelers there. they also have a beautiful well designed garden you can use to relax and smoke the day away.

The Hostel is not close to major touristic attractions of Tehran. but it is close where the youth hang out. It is within a walking distance to two metro stations; so, it provides easy access to all the other parts of the city. They also neighbor a lot of galleries and coffee shops and The Iranian Artist Forum (Honar-mandan Park).

See you in Iran was mentioned as ‘Top Choice Hostel’ in the Lonely Planet.

In their websites they provide all the information needed for you to make your choice; they also have the map and view of all their rooms, so you can choose what's best for you.

2. Cedar Hostel In Tehran

I like Cedar Hostel for its rich and traditional look and background; a few travel enthusiasts have made an 80 year old house in an old neighborhood into a hostel.

everything has a traditional look which I personally enjoy.

Its a small house with old trees and is never too crowded. I love Cedar hostel for that. another things is they showcase traditional Persian dolls! I think you'd enjoy taking a look at the place. they also have a cafe!

Cedar hostel is 10 minutes away from the nearest metro station, and I mean on foot. It is close to major attractions like National Museum of Iran and Golestan Palace. you should visit these places during your Tehran-Iran Tour.

3. Kargadan Boutique Hostel in Tehran

Most Hostels in Iran try to offer a Persian traditional look, but this one has a rather modern look compared to others.

what I love about this hostel is that almost everything in here is made by the owners. the tiles, the lamps,even the beds! I love knowing that things here have histories and were made by hand and not factories. Golshid and Omid, sister and brother, have done an excellent job!

The owners of Kargadan Boutique hostel have tried their best to offer you everything one needs to relax and feel at home. they have spacious room, reading lights on every bed, privacy curtains, a fully equipped kitchen for you to cook your own meal and a cafe if you don't feel like cooking!

4. Tehran Heritage Hostel

Tehran Heritage Hostel is the largest Hostels in Tehran and they have almost everything a traveler can ask for. They have 4 types of rooms to offer.

  • low-price dormitory rooms
  • private rooms.
  • heritage, traditional room
  • Yurts!

Lots of major tourist attractions are also a walking distance from the hostel. I have to admit that Tehran Heritage Hostel is a very thought-through one. they have anticipated all the problems and have already provided an answer.They have a self-service-kitchen, free breakfast, and coffee and tea all day long. It's also clean and cozy.

If you're looking for for quite and friendly place, where you can read books and be close to the things you need instead of attractions, here is the place for you.

If you want a place for long term, I think you'd like Hi Tehran Hostel. it feels like a home really.

5. hostels in Tehran; Hi Tehran Hostel (Salaam Tehran)

Hi Tehran Hostel is in a lively neighborhood and is close to numerous shops and restaurants and subway station. You can find anything you need in a short distance from the hostel.

It's a simple building and I guess that's what's special about it. It has a calm atmosphere and a tranquil yard. they offer homemade Iranian dishes and breakfast is free

At a larger scale, for many Iran tourists, these hostels may not be that different form each other, they are not even that further apart.

So I think for a perfect choice, you must consider what kind of atmosphere you are looking for.

You should check the prices to find the place that fits your budget better; and more importantly, see if you have any specific need that you want to be met.

If you know a place that's not on the list, let me know in the comments, okay?

I update the articles regularly. and if you have any question or need help deciding, go on and leave me a comment.