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Lipomatic in Iran is one of the best choices for weight loss and body shaping. There are different methods of weight loss surgery in Iran. Every year a large number of Iranian and foreign patients undergo lipomatic surgery in Iran. There are skilled surgeons and specialists in this country. Therefore, in terms of slimming surgery, Iran is at the top level in the Middle East. You can use the best hospitals and clinics too (Experienced medical staff – Up-to-date facilities and equipment). Another advantage is that the lipomatic cost in Iran is much lower than in other countries. 

What do you need to know about lipomatic in Iran?

If you are looking for an updated sculpture method surgery that shapes your body, choose lipomatic. This method helps you get the ideal shape and form and beautiful contour of the body. Lipomatic surgery is not at all a treatment for overweight. It is just a cosmetic operation. For overweight treatment, I suggest you read our article on the gastric sleeve in Iran.

When is lipomatic right for you?


  • you have extra fat in some parts of your body
  • You have not been able to get rid of those extra fats, even with your diet and exercises
  • You have not been able to reach the ideal form of your body
  • Other areas of your body need to enhance in shape and form

Lipomatic surgery is the best option for you. Iran medical tours introduce you to quality doctors and hospitals for this purpose.

Lipomatic procedure

The lipomatic method is as follows:

Whit the masseur vibration, the compressed air sends a series of high-energy oscillatory waves to the adipose tissues under the skin. Ultimately, Lipomatic causes the adipose cells to crush and break. So, they remove more easily in a shorter time. 

The surgeon:

  • makes minimal incisions
  • Uses the cannula device to suction the fat cells (The cannula needle extracts extra fat at 600 vibrations per minute)


  • High vibrations destroyed fat cells physically (they are not exposed to heat)
  • Fat cells are injected to form other parts of the body (use of extracted fat cells in lipomatic for filler injection)

In this way, the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels of the area are not damaged. 

Lipomatic in Iran - Before and After

Compare the amount of fat, weight, and hemoglobin in pre-and post- lipomatic areas (before and after lipomatic). You will see there are quite obvious changes. After lipomatic, follow the care your doctor recommends, so no side effects occur. 

Before lipomatic surgery in Iran

Before lipomatic surgery in Iran you should follow some tips. Are you allergic to any medications? List your medical history and let your surgeon know that.

Other tips are as follows:

  • Stop smoking before the surgery (at least two weeks)
  • Avoid drinking alcohol (two weeks before operation)
  • Use less salt before and after surgery
  • Avoid any herbs or vitamins two weeks before the surgery
  • Stop taking ibuprofen or aspirin – again two weeks before surgery
  • It is essential to have a companion who is with you for the first 24 hours

After lipomatic surgery in Iran

After lipomatic surgery in Iran, it is normal to have pain or swelling. Some people even see bruises. Bruising is also normal and is a surgical effect. Please observe the following to get the best results from lipomatic:

  • Wear a special garment after the surgery (the duration depends on your surgeon recommendation)
  • Avoid using a warm or cold compress on surgical areas
  • Taking bath is possible one day after the surgery (24 hours)
  • Normally there is no problem flying after 48 hours
  • Eat less oily or low-salt foods in your daily diet
  • Avoid any exercise for 2 weeks

You are allowed to do some activities such as swimming after 2 weeks (sauna and hot water after 1 month).

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