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Natural structure rhinoplasty makes a nose that does not look surgical. This is a strategy that focuses on maintaining the nasal cartilage, bone, and soft tissue in a natural position, creating a natural contour. Many people like their noses to look normal after rhinoplasty. If you also want your nose to look natural after rhinoplasty, we recommended a nose job in Iran.

You may ask, can a nose job look natural? 

The answer is yes, choose a rhinoplasty with a natural structure (natural structure rhinoplasty). As a result, as far as possible, others do not realize that your nose has been operated on.

What is a natural rhinoplasty?

In natural rhinoplasty, as the name implies, your nose looks natural. A rhinoplasty can correct the following deformities:

  1. Nose size
  2. Position of the nostrils (Nose width)
  3. Bumps and depressions on the bridge
  4. Bulbous or upturned nasal tip
  5. Asymmetry

To make the nose look normal, surgeons make fewer changes to the nose. In addition to natural rhinoplasty, we have other types as follows:

  • Fancy nose job (dolly nose)
  • Semi-fancy nose job

These two types of noses are more popular among women than men, who typically opt for a natural style. For years, according to conventional standards of beauty, people considered the ideal nose to be narrow and gracefully sloped, with a perky, slightly upturned tip. Today, however, people are more in favor of natural beauty.

Why choose a natural structure rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty requires both artistry and technical skill. Therefore, this type of plastic surgery is unique among the medical specialties. Two different people could go to the same plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty, and each of them should end up with different results. Because each of the faces is unique.

If you have a narrow face and a dainty chin, a very narrow nose may look fantastic on your face.

fleshy nose and bony nose

In the “natural” style for the bony nose, the nasal tip(retroussé) is not turned up and the nasal bridge is not too curved.

For fleshy noses, rhinoplasty is usually performed in a “natural” style.

The characteristic of a natural-looking rhinoplasty

In getting a rhinoplasty that looks ‘natural’, the surgeon’s artistic perspective aligning with your view of your improved noses is the most important factor. 

The right nose for your face should be balanced and in proportion to the rest of your features.