Which plastic surgery is performed in Iran? (Packages+Price)

Plastic Surgery in Iran: Iran is considered the capital of plastic surgery in the world. A lot of people are deciding to have plastic surgery through medical tours in Iran. Every year more than 150 thousand nose job surgeries are performed in Iran and that is just the number of rhinoplasty operations. For this reason, many people around the world are also taking Medical tours in Iran and considering doing their Plastic Surgery in Iran; They believe they're in the hand of the most experienced surgeons in the world. after all, practice makes perfect! Iranian Surgeons are skilled in all cosmetic surgeries such as breast lift, liposuction or weight loss surgery, cosmetic dentistry, facelift, and all that has something to do with beauty. In this article we want to answer some of the most common questions about Plastic surgery in Iran; stay with us.

What are the most common Plastic Surgeries in Iran?

Overall, Plastic Surgeries are very common in Iran but some are more popular than the others.

The leading Cosmetic surgery done by Iranians is the rhinoplasty operation. in 2011, 180 cases of rhinoplasty per 100,000 populations were reported.

Other common plastic surgeries in Iran include breast implants, breast reduction, Botox injections, face lift and liposuction.

The cost of Plastic Surgery in Iran 

Iran is knows as a cheap destination for travel and leisure because of the fall of the Iranian currency. it is true for therapeutic and cosmetic operations and surgeries in Iran too.

While Iranian Hospitals are well equipped, Iranian surgeons are skilled and experienced and the history of medical practice in Iran goes back to ancient times, medical tours in Iran remain cheap and worthy of your money, time and trust.

If you are wondering why that is, I have one simple answer: the fall of the Iranian Rial (Iran Currency).

Some people assume the low quality of services to be the reason for the cheap cost, but that is not true at all. I assure you the only reason behind cheap medical tours in Iran is the value of Iran Currency.

How Much is The Cost of Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Iran?

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Iran usually costs Around 1,500$ to 1,900$ more or less depending on the condition.

And most of the time that includes the cost of medicines, clinic fees, and anesthesia!

The cost of a Nose job in Europe usually surpasses 7 and 8 thousand dollars and that is without other costs.

In Iran, Rhinoplasty Medical Tours usually cover Medical Visa, accommodation, transfer, and a lot more.

check out our Rhinoplasty page for more detailed info on the rhinoplasty in Iran Medical Tours, packages, and services.

Know that you are beautiful with or without surgery.

Still, You are free to make whatever decision that makes you feel better about your face and body.

Live the way you want. you live only once.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Iran: How much does it Cost?

The global average for cosmetic dentistry procedure costs about $650 to $1,200 per tooth.

While in Iran, The price per tooth comes down to 130$!

unbelievable isn't it? you can have the perfect smile you've always wanted without being worried about the costs!

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How much is the price of Liposuction in Iran 

Like other plastic surgeries, Liposuction price in Iran is also unbeatable by anywhere else in the world.

While a surgeon in America would charge you $2,000 to $4,000 per area, that money would amount to a full body liposuction price in Iran with the best medical care.

You can totally and with no worries consider Iran as a medical expenses heaven for all your medical procedures and kill two birds with a stone and get to visit one of the most ancient countries in the world.

Top destinations for Plastic Surgery in Iran

A lot of people choose Tehran as their final medical tourist destination.

I understand the choice, because after all tehran is the capital of Iran and usually the capital has the best services.

But a few major cities in Iran have invested greatly in Medical tourism recently and are their hospitals are considered among the top ones in Iran.

in your reasech, you might want to consider Shiraz, Isfahan and Mahshad in your list too.