Rhinoplasty Recovery: 7 Must-Follow Tips to *Recover Faster*

Congratulations on your new nose! And hey, do not worry about rhinoplasty recovery, it will be over in no time. And we're here to help you get through it step by step.

I am going to give you amazing tips to recover from your nose job faster.

I will guide you through all the rhinoplasty recovery stages and in the end, we will look at some rhinoplasty surgery final results from Iranmedopia, the center of medical tour in Iran, to give us hope to go on!

7 Tips For a Fast & Pain-Free Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty Recovery time doesn't have to be a pain in the nose!

The healing process can go faster than it is with your help. 

Just do a few things and avoid a few others to have a perfect nose job recovery and heal in no time.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips:

How to recover from rhinoplasty faster

1. Use a cold compress:

In the first 3 days (72 hours) after your rhinoplasty surgery, you can reduce the post-operation swelling and the pain with the use of a cold compress.

Apply the cold compress as often as you can and use it over your eyes and nose to control the bruising too.

2. Cold helps Rhinoplasty Recovery

I should say that warm soups and showers are not a good companion for your rhinoplasty recovery. neither is getting sunbathes. 

what you need to do instead to help your rhinoplasty recovery, is to get cold or at least luke-warm showers. Drink cold water and generally, avoid hot stuff.

3. Don't wear glasses

well, glasses might be the most common thing we put on our nose, and it's not good for rhinoplasty recovery.

when you have a nose job, your nose tissue will become sensitive for some time. and you should avoid everything that put pressure on your nose.

even if you have really weak use, try using contact lenses for a while or take time off work or school to stay home so you don't need your glasses. This is serious. Using glasses after rhinoplasty might lead to even revision rhinoplasty.

4. Smoking is not Good for Rhinoplasty Recovery

I smoke too. I know how frustrating reading the title was.

Remember that you can always smoke again, but your rhinoplasty recovery time is important and you will only go through it once.

You must stop smoking at least a week before your surgery, and then again, no smoking for 6 weeks after your operation.

5. Exercise is good for your body, but not for your Rhinoplasty Recovery

You might not believe it, but even movements as easy as stretching or bending might increase your nasal swelling. that's not something you want!

it takes some time for the bones in your nose to heal completely; 

and until your doctor says, you should avoid exercising; or any other heavy activity.

6. Don't blow your nose!

I mean, I thought people would take it for granted but believe it or not, there have been many rhinoplasty revision cases due to the patients blowing their nose!

take care of yourself so that you don't catch a cold. because the consequences are not at all promising.

coughing, sneezing, scratching, or blowing your nose all have negative effects.

7. Sleep in an elevated position

Avoid sleeping on your sides after rhinoplasty for up to 6 weeks.

not only it doesn't help your nose job recovery go any faster, but also it can prolong it.

How long does Rhinoplasty Recovery take?

Remember that every patient is different, and only your doctor can say that you are ready to go back to your routines.

but normally, it takes 6 weeks before you can go back to exercising and blowing your nose with an easy mind.

however, this is only the recovery time in which you can go back to everyday life.

the whole rhinoplasty surgery recovery time lasts for almost a year.

The most important ip I can give you is be patient. years are going to pass by and you all these times will be blurry memories.

What's for sure is that you are going to have a perfect nose for the rest of your life.

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Iranmedopia is a company that offers medical tours in Iran and it helps you arrange your nose job in Iran from the very first steps to the very last steps of your post-op recovery.

If you have any questions, ask us in the comments and get your answers directly from our experienced rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran.