Niavaran Street in Iran | Explore Tehran [Photos + Locations]

Tehran, the capital of Iran is one of the most visited cities among tourists during their Iran tours. if you are visiting Tehran too, there are some real good tips here to spend a day!

If you've been in Tehran before or have already spent some day in it and are looking for some urban experience, you can take a walk in Niavaran street and spend half a day in it; doing all sorts of different activities.

Niavaran is an upper-class district in northern Tehran, Iran. Niavaran Street [Bahonar street] can be a great choice to spend a day in Tehran.

Tehran has many attractions and this street, With its Palaces, Parks, shopping malls, restaurants, and coffee shops, it offers many activities in a close walking distance to each other; plus, the weather is always better in the northern parts of Tehran.

As you can see in the map below, the street starts at Niavaran park and ends at Tajrish square.

First Stop in Niavaran Street: Niavaran Park

Niavaran park:

one of the most beautiful parks in Tehran; specially if you are a tourist who is interested in people's daily life.

It's a great park to pass an afternoon, watching the everyday life in Tehran.

people come here to take a stroll, to jog, or hang out with their friends.

All in all, well, it's just a park after all. but a good park! It gets even better when you find out what comes next in Niavaran street, close to the park!

Second Stop in Niavaran Street: Niavaran Palace Complex

Niavarn Complex is a 10-15 min walk from Niavarn park.

Iranian Kings built so many palaces for themselves and for different occasions. winter palaces, summer palaces, guests palaces.

all of them are now great historical heritages ready to welcome tourists.

During the years, lots of other parts were added to the complex, like other palaces, museums, libraries and more.

Niavaran palace was originally built by Qajars who ruled Iran before Pahlavi's, the last dynasty in Iran. but later, Pahlavi's decided to use this one palace for their foreign guests.

However, later on, the Pahlavi family took residence there.

Jahan Nama Museum in Niavaran Palace

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Farah Diba were the last king and queen of Iran.

The queen was fond of Art, she would buy painting from other counties, and people would usually gifted her with precious paintings upon their visit to Iran.

in this museum, all these art works, painting and gifts are exhibited and one really enjoys spending time in this museum.

Where to eat in Niavaran Street?

Some of the most famous Restaurants in Tehran are located here in Niavaran Street.

They are close to Niavaran park and palace, so it's easy top plan your day and get ready for a delicious meal.

Boca Italian restaurant:

Pizzas, Sandwiches,Pasta and stakes!

Mestooran restaurant:

go to this restaurant for a Delicous Persian Meals

View Cafe Restaurant:

A great place to have a cup of coffee and east something!

Shamshiri Restaurant:

the best place to have Persian Kebab! don't miss it!

Shopping at Niavaran Street:

I assume that tourists don't come to Iran to shop for clothes, not the brands at least.

But if you happen to be in need of clothes and are in Niavaran street, then you can go to Naroon Shopping center.

there are dozens of stores in the street too. just walk up and down it and you'll find what you're looking for.

However, if you do want to shop, but want some traditional stuff, then check the end of the article. you'll find a paragraph about Tajrish traditional bazaar.

What to do after you get to the end of the Niavaran Street?

As I said at first, Niavaran street or Bahonar street starts as Niavaran Park and ends with Tajrish square.

When you get to Tajrish street, you can go to Tajrish Bazaar and just enjoy the Persian bazaar style!

There are all kinds of things to buy there. from food, to traditional clothes and carpets.

I hope you have a blast!

So, Niavaran street is really a good idea for when you've been Touring Tehran for some days and are looking for new places and activities.

I really hope you enjoy it! tell me about your experience in the comments!

Other attractions around Niavaran street:

Ferdows Garden:

Ferdows garden is just a cab drive away from Niavaran Street.

Its got a chill atmosphere.usually youth are playing music and selling handmade jewelry and candles; There is a great cafe-restaurant in the garden and tons around it; there's also a nice bookstore.

but the major part of Ferdows Garden is Iran cinema museum which is blast! give it a shot.

How to Go to Niavaran Street?


Niavaran street itself does not have a stop, but you can get off at Tajrish Square Metro Station and take a cab directly to Niavaran Park, or maybe start backward with Tajrish traditional bazaar? your call.

Bus and Taxi:

well, like before, you can get off at Tajrish square and use the Taxi station nearby, or get on the bus.

There is another Subway station at the other end of Niavaran Street, called Nobonyad Station, there are Taxi's there to which take you directly to Niavaran Street.

Snapp or Tapsi (Iranian Uber)

you can easily take an online ride to exactly where you want. the prices are a bit high but only in Rial, it won't be much in Dollar. consider this if you are not on a tight budget.