Chaloos Road (Chalus); Drive through the most beautiful Iran road

Chaloos road is surrounded by the Alborz mountain range and Tehran from the South, Noshahr County from the east, Tonekabon County from the west, and Caspian sea from the north.

Chalus or Chaloos county is located in the west of Mazandaran Province, along the Caspian sea;

Northern regions in Iran are an absolute must for all Eco-tourists that are considering an Iran tours.

A lot of people start their journey to the north by taking Chaloos road to Enter northern Regions in Iran and start their trip.

Chaloos is one of the most attractive, most popular holiday destinations in Iran;

Its attractions begin on the road; Chaloos road is among the most jaw-dropping, fascinating roads I've ever seen.

I assure you, you won't be able to take your eyes off it on the way.

The most important cities in Chalus County:

Everywhere in Chaloos is beautiful, it's full of dense jungles, mountains, and lakes.

But the most famous destinations are Kelardasht, Marzan Abad, and Markazi, and some other rural parts.

They are all considered natural attractions and attract many local and international tourists every year.

How is Chaloos Weather?

Iran northern regions usually enjoy the mild, moderate, and humid climate. and its heights are always cold no matter when you visit them.

I myself have traveled to  Chaloos at almost any time of the year and I must tell you, it is a matter of opinion more than anything else, but most people prefer autumn and spring to travel to Chaloos. the national holidays in spring play a major part.

Its lush green landscape in the summer, red, orange, and yellow leaves in autumn, and snow-white view in winter, make it an appealing destination all through the year.

Always check Chaloos weather forecasts before traveling, so that you are not surprised by rainy weather.

Tehran to Chaloos: How to go to Chalus from Tehran?

Tehran -Chaloos: Route 1

The classic route to the north of Iran through Chaloos is through the Tehran-Karaj highway. The route is almost 200 kilometers.

Starting from Tehran, you will pass Qods, Karaj, Karaj Dim, Gachsar, Siahbishe, and more cities.

This Route to Chaloos will take 3-4 hours maximum.

Tehran -Chaloos: Route 2

Route 2 differs from the first route only in the first part.

This time you will go From Tehran to Lavasan, Shemshak and then Gachsar, the rest is almost the same as the first route.

The second Route to Chaloos will take 4-5 hours maximum.

Attractions along Chaloos road

Shahrestanak Village

After taking the Karaj-north highway, situated 88 kilometers from Tehran, along Chaloos road is the beautiful Shahrestanak village;

The village was formed around a spring of water and dates back the 6th century.

great weather, Poplar trees, springs, and mountains all make it a perfect camping spot;

it's a great place to relax, go mountain climbing in the morning, have breakfast looking down on the village, and enjoy nature.

And as you know, Iran is an ancient country, and even here, in this far off village you get to visit Nasseri Palace with its beautiful springs, gardens, and inscriptions.

I've visited Shahrestanak village once, two years ago;

It was autumn and Chaloos road was a kaleidoscope of colors and so was Shahrestanak village.

I plan to go there again.

If you are interested in visiting this village, then you are welcome to read my article " Shahrestanak Village travel Guide''

Amir Kabir Dam - AKA Karaj Dam

Located in northern parts of Karaj, only 25 Kilometers to Chaloos road, with an spectacular view, lies Amir Kabir Dam, knows as Karaj Dam.

Take a look and I'll tell you more about it!

Karaj Dam is a center for Trout and Common Carp fish Farming;l if you are not a vegetarian and like fish, it's a great place to buy some and level up your camping experience.

The shining water, blue sky, mountains and trees. if you are adventures, walking and touring around, you might find some beautiful fountains and waterfalls.

maybe you could stop here, have lunch and go on to your chaloos road trip!

its great, it is, looking for a great place? well, there you go!

Kelardasht County, in the midst of Karaj-Chaloos road

In the midst of Karaj -Chaloos road, is the all-loving Kelardasht Country.

Kelardasht is not as humid as other northern cities, in fact, the weather is always cool and you find yourself in a foggy lovely weather whenever you go there.

that's why it is one of most the famous summer destinations in the north.

Kelardasht is usually the final destination for many people. it has numerous attractions. jungles, lakes, springs, spectacular views.

But since it is located in Chaloos Road, a lot of people decide to make a stop on the way for a few hours, or even stay for a night if they don't have other plans.

The County has a lot of villages too which are really attractive in case you are interested in Rural Tourism.

Tips for your trip to Road 59:

If you are planning to take Chaloos road, Road 59, then you need these 3 important tips:

1. make sure you are not planning your trip during a national holiday

Chaloos road is a popular road among Iranians as well as tourists.

people are usually going to North from Tehran at the weekends and it's usually really crowded.

especially if the weekend is followed by a national holiday, you will be stuck in traffic for hours.

In case you are leaving at weekends, make sure you leave really early in the morning, like at dawn.

if it's possible, I recommend leaving a day sooner and coming back a day later to avoid the traffic.

2. Check the Weather before planning your trip

You might think the weather in the north of Iran is always pleasant and magical;

Well, You are right! it is, to be honest, but there are safety measures to meet;  like driving in rainy weather.

I mean the weather is great. but sometimes, even in summer, it rains nonstop for a few days;

you might want to consider checking the weather before planning the trip.

if you do not like to be surprised by rainy weather, if you plan to go camping or climbing, please check the weather before.

3. have an experienced driver with you, chaloos road might be a hard one to drive in

Chaloos road is a tricky one, even looking at its pictures you can easily recognize how dangerous it might even be.

it's not a road to test your driving skills or to play fast and furious.

if you are not a skilled driver, let the most skilled driver take the job.

Please, if you get tired, stop by top rest for a while.

if you are not confident about your driving skills, and you do not have a better driver with you, feel free to request a car rental with a driver in Iran and travel with no worries

Chaloos road is not that dangerous really, but it can get, when you are driving at night and its raining, and you do not know the road that well.

You might be good driver, but driving a dangerous road can get serious in a rainy weather. so please follow all the tips.

  • Plan a good time for your trip.
  • Check the weather.
  • No fast and furious