What are the most astounding fire temples in Iran?

One of the famous historical and cultural attractions requested by tourists for their Iran tours is visiting Zoroastrian Fire temples in Iran. In this article I am going to shed some light on the questions regarding these fire temples and Zoroastrianism in General, I will also introduce the most famous fire temples in Iran for you to visit. Before the invasion of Arabs and the coming of Islam, Zoroastrianism was the dominant religion of ancient Persia, and Persians Built a lot of Zoroastrian fire temples. A fire temple in Iran is the place of worship for Zoroastrians. Zoroastrian Fire temples reflect the ancient Persian beliefs. They also have great value as historical attractions in Iran. In this article, we will walk you through some of the basic concepts of the Zoroastrian religion. I will also Introduce the most important Fire temples in Iran for Tourism interested in the topic!

Why is Fire Sacred in Zoroastrian Religion?

Atash means Fire. Kade is a Persian prefix, meaning house, the place of.

Atashkade in Farsi means the House of fire. Fire temples are the place of worship for Zoroastrians; No Zoroastrian ritual is performed without the presence of fire.

fire is considered a life-sustaining element and represents the light of God; Fire is sacred and pure and it purifies whatever that is not.

It is the ultimate symbol of pureness, and illumination of the mind.

Iran Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd City

in the center of Ancient City of Yazd, is the building in which an eternal fire burns.

In the time of invasion of Arabs, the fire in two of Zoroastrian fire temples were put off by them.

By the order of the 3rd Yazdgerd, the last Sassanid King, the third fire was protected and was brought to Yazd city.

It was kept in a cave for over 700 years. and because of the danger of destroying it by the government, it was moved and moved again to different villages and secret places; and until this day, the fire is still burning.

The fire has survived many a threatening situations and has been burning for over 1500 years now.

It is a pity to miss the opportunity to visit this Zoroastrian fire temple in Iran while in the city, if you are Visiting Yazd, make sure you putt it on the list.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Isfahan

Atashgah fire temple in Iran, Isfahan is among the 3 ancient heritages in Isfahan and one of grandest Zoroastrian fire temples of Iran built during Sassanid Empire.

This Zoroastrian Fire temple is situated above a hill, 8 Kilometers west of Isfahan city.

You can easily rent a car in Isfahan and visit the temple, remember to Visit Monar Jonban too which is near the hill.

If you are interested in visiting this fire temple in Isfahan with a local tour guide, a driver, or a private or public tour in Isfahan visit Isfahan page.

Azar Goshnab Fire Temple In Azerbaijan,Takab City​

Azar Goshnasb, is located in Azerbaijan province, in Takht-e Soleyman Area in the picture Above.

The literal meaning of Azar Goshnab is " the fire of the worriers"; it is one of the oldest and greatest fire temples in Iran. dating back to Sassanian area.

Even today, the followers of Zoroastrianism in the area sometimes gather here to pray and meditate.

if you still want to know more and study Zoroastrianism in-depth, avesta.org is a good source.

What Symbols Are Associated with Zoroastrianism? 


One of the main symbols of Zoroastrianism is the Farvahar Symbol. it represents the human soul and eternity.

This symbol was chosen as Iran national symbol by Pahlavis.


Fire is another symbols mostly associated with Zoroastrian Faith. Fire is the symbol of pureness and is present at all the rituals.

Also, the fire in Zoroastrians fire temples in considered sacred.