The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran; 4 basic criteria

The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran is perhaps one of the most difficult specialties to find. There are a large number of cosmetic surgeons working in Tehran. who, of course, also work in the field of rhinoplasty in Iran. If you are looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran. it is undoubtedly both very important and very difficult. selection of rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran has high sensitivity and high risk because of this type of operation. So, the rhinoplasty surgeon, while having the necessary expertise, experience, and sufficient skills. should be fully acquainted with modern medical methods and updated facilities and equipment.

Why you should find the best rhinoplasty surgeon?

According to cosmetologists, rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries. Patients who have experienced this surgery along with other cosmetic surgeries also confirm this. That's why finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon is so important; Because the quality and skill of the surgeon, will have a direct effect on the beauty of your face. But do not worry; You do not need to be a doctor to be able to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran. In this article, we will introduce basic and important criteria that you can reach your suitable specialist surgeon.

4 basic criteria in finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran

You can find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran from several different aspects. According to the International Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are several factors. that everybody can use to determine the goodness of a rhinoplasty surgeon. But there are other factors that you should consider by patients and clients. In this article, we have tried to examine the criteria for finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran.

We should note that from the beginning that when we talk about the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran. our goal is not to hold a competition and find the first person! We want to explore what logical factors could make a plastic surgeon a candidate for the title of Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon. Many doctors may deserve this title and it will never be possible to find the first one correctly. But it is possible to identify the doctors who are among the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran.

Now let's deal with the basic and important criteria in diagnosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran. We can summarize all available factors into 4 general categories:

  • Specialty and degree of surgeon
  • surgeon skill and experience
  • Professional ethics and compassion
  • Advanced clinic and equipment

Who is the best rhinoplasty surgeon?

The nose is one of the most influential components of the face. A change in the nose overshadows the beauty of the face. Therefore, to perform rhinoplasty, it is necessary to know the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran and refer to him.

Because any damage to the main structure of the nose will create irreparable conditions for you. Usually, the best doctors for rhinoplasty are plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons have been trained for many years. to perform such delicate surgeries and with a lot of experience in this field. they are the best option for rhinoplasty surgery.

How important are a surgeon's expertise and degree?

The best rhinoplasty surgeon should be a doctor who specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgery. A cosmetic surgeon has completed the first 7 years of general medicine. He then completes a general surgery course for 4 years. After that, he passes a specialized course in plastic and cosmetic surgeries for 5 years.

You should also note that the cosmetic surgery surgeon is one step ahead of the general surgeon. in terms of medical knowledge and skills required in surgery. Many doctors who specialize in general surgery specialize in plastic surgeries, such as rhinoplasty.

But the plastic surgery specialist has studied in this field for 5 years more than the general surgeon; In fact, a subspecialty has acquired the knowledge of plastic surgery in a completely academic and professional manner. The specialty of plastic and cosmetic surgery is superior to other specialist doctors and general surgeons in several aspects:

  • He has more university education in the field of plastic surgeries
  • Serves in reputable and better medical centers
  • Due to its long history, it has performed more rhinoplasty
  • Has faced more special cases in rhinoplasty and as a result, has gained more skills and experience in this field.

Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery is possible with complete anesthesia and hospitalization or beauty clinics. within a few hours of surgery. so, a skilled surgeon should control full supervision of the various stages of the operation. from anesthesia to the patient ready for surgery after rhinoplasty. An experienced and skilled rhinoplasty surgeon should have a successful track record of performing rhinoplasty on different people. because any dissatisfaction or complaint in this regard will indicate the incompetence of the surgeon.

How to recognize the skills and experience of the best rhinoplasty surgeon?

At first glance, it is impossible for you, as a normal or non-specialist, to recognize the skill, experience, and ability of a doctor. to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon. Undoubtedly, this work requires medical knowledge and years of experience. but there are a series of external symptoms so that you can carefully find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran. A surgeon who has the necessary skills and experience will inevitably show its symptoms! You can also check these:

Several operations: The first sign of rhinoplasty surgeon’s high skill is the high number of his surgeries. To find out, you can check the number of pictures of his rhinoplasty. These pictures must have the doctor's logo and name to make sure that it is the doctor's job. Other possible clues are the size of the clinic or the number of hospitals and treatment centers. where the doctor operates. The best rhinoplasty surgeon should have his Instagram page. and a website full of pictures of new surgery samples, rhinoplasty videos.[ as well as live and stories of surgery to show that he is skilled in this job.

Quality of portfolios: You can also find out the surgeon's skill by examining the quality of the portfolios. The best rhinoplasty surgeon must provide portfolios in all areas and surgery of various nasal problems. Of course, do not forget that a face-to-face meeting with one of the doctor's previous patients and a close examination of his nose will be very useful. Another sign of the skill of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran is his attention to the preferred form of the nose.

Other patients' opinions and reviews: Today, thanks to cyberspace, finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran has become easier. Be sure to check the other patients’ comments on the websites or pictures and videos of the patients' experience. Someone who is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons must publish the opinion of other patients about their work on the internet and their website.

Having foreign patients: Having patients from other countries is also one of the signs of finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon. Many tour guides identify the best plastic surgeons with extensive communication to keep their foreign clients satisfied.

Membership in specialized associations: The best rhinoplasty surgeon must be a member of domestic and international specialized associations of plastic surgery. Because it helps his scientific growth and increases his knowledge and skills. This membership requires the physician to participate in a series of specialized cosmetic surgery courses annually.

Cosmetic certificates: A surgeon who is skilled in the field of plastic surgery and rhinoplasty must have received valid and up-to-date certificates from legal and competent authorities. Having these documents will assure you that the doctor in question is at a high level in terms of expertise and skills.

Specialization in other surgeries: Usually, a doctor who specializes in plastic surgery has skills in several other fields besides rhinoplasty. For example, that doctor could be the best rhinoplasty surgeon to work on surgery on other parts of the face. Because it knows other elements of facial beauty well and can create a balance and harmony between them in rhinoplasty. Also, expertise and activity in other surgeries show the doctor's self-confidence and high skill.

Be sure to evaluate the doctor's professional ethics and compassion

As much as the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran and anywhere else should be skilled in performing surgery. he should also have professional ethics and empathy and take care of his patient. The doctor, as a trustworthy person, should properly examine his client and check his condition from all aspects.

It is not the patient's only wish to have surgery for the disease at any cost. A professional and ethical surgeon will tell his client all the possible risks and problems after surgery. He will offer her the best surgery and treatment. and even if he finds that the person does not need much surgery, he will not try to persuade him to have surgery.

The best rhinoplasty surgeon never seeks rhinoplasty for all his clients, but carefully and obsessively selects their anthology. The best rhino surgeon is only looking for those who need this surgery. The surgeon will help you prepare for rhinoplasty, both mentally and physically. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran in the first place will be a trusted friend, companion, and advisor for you.

Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran for a free consultation. Such a doctor will not charge you for providing expert advice and opinions, nor will it withhold information from you. You should get the best and most up-to-date information about rhinoplasty from the best rhino surgeon; Whether in-person counseling or on the doctor's website, web pages, and catalogs, the right content should be prepared for you.

A surgeon's clinic and equipment are an important indication

You should not expect to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran in a small and unsuitable office, in a not so famous area. If you live in Tehran, you must know that the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons usually work in a few specific areas of Tehran. Apart from the treatment centers and hospitals where the best rhinoplasty specialists work; A renowned rhinoplasty surgeon should also have a professional cosmetic clinic.

The facilities and equipment of the clinic, the use of up-to-date methods and tools, the medical staff, and experienced and reliable consultants. the creation of a suitable atmosphere and interior design. attention to the comfort and convenience of the clients, etc., are all signs of an optimistic surgeon.

For example, the best rhinoplasty surgeon should have the right imaging equipment. to be able to accurately record the changes in your nose and face. Also showing your nose image after surgery and preparing you to accept facial changes is one of the most important features of the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

Also, clinic counselors should have sufficient comprehensive information about rhinoplasty. also care tips, potential problems, and what to look for before and after surgery. You may not be able to get all the important points from your doctor; In the meantime, the clinic counseling team should always be with you and help you to make the best decision.

Office Features of the Best Rhinoplasty Specialist

If you go to the office of the best rhinoplasty specialist in Tehran for a face-to-face consultation. you will realize the importance and value they place on clients. through the order of their staff in scheduling and serving clients. Usually, in the office of the best rhinoplasty specialist, you will see many clients who may have come from outside Iran for surgery. Also, if you request to see a nasal surgery specimen, you will see many specimens.