Closed Rhinoplasty: Closed Nose Job Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you looking for rhinoplasty in Iran? Do you know the difference between open and closed rhinoplasty? What is closed rhinoplasty and how is this surgery? Is open rhinoplasty better or the closed one? What are the complications of closed nose surgery? If you are looking for rhinoplasty in Iran, you probably want to know which one is better for you. Join us in this article. you will get acquainted with the difference between an open and closed nose job. Also, we will talk more about closed nose job and its advantages and disadvantages, so stay with us.

What is closed rhinoplasty?

Many people are afraid of surgery. These people usually won't go under the knife until they have to. Some like to do nose job, but fear of the surgical process prevents them from making this decision. Medical science suggests new surgical methods to this group of people. one of these solutions is "closed rhinoplasty".

If you decide to take a medical tour in Iran and have rhinoplasty, you have some options. you should know that doctors use two different ways that are "closed" and "open" methods. These terms describe different methods for surgical access to the nose during surgery.

The difference between open and closed rhinoplasty

Both approaches have a series of similar incisions. but the main difference is that the closed rhinoplasty involves only internal incisions. so, doctors don't have to remove the outer surface of the nose. Instead, the surgeon makes an incision just inside the edge of each nostril. 

In open rhinoplasty, the columella is the base of the incision. which consists of a narrow wall in soft tissue that separates the nose cavities. This allows the surgeon to remove the skin from the nose. so that it can have a better view of the cartilage and bones before shaping the nose. Therefore, we can describe closed rhinoplasty as a more complex method that requires a lot of surgeon skill.

The final shape of nose after close nose job

In general, rhinoplasty requires extensive surgical skills. but successful procedures, in addition to medical skills, also involve a degree of art and creativity. as your surgeon performs nose reshaping. Ensuring that a new nose fits your face is a constant request of everyone who decides to have a nose job. 

While the natural look and function of the nose after surgery is nothing but a work of art. As the nose does not separate during a closed rhinoplasty, it is much easier for the surgeon. they can imagine and examine the appearance of your nose after the operation. It’s something that is not usually clear in open nose surgery procedures.

Is closed rhinoplasty always a preferred option?

Although in some cases, a closed nose job offers many advantages over an open nose job. in some cases, the open-nose job approach may be more desirable. For example, doctors suggest open surgery, if a structural graft is needed to lower the nostril. It is important not to spoil your mind when consulting your surgeon, because your doctor will correctly determine which method is right for your condition. If you need an open nose job, make sure you are under the care of an experienced and skilled surgeon, and the external incision will be indistinguishable after healing.

Advantages of closed nose surgery

Shorter surgical time

Closed rhinoplasty requires less time depending on the procedure. meaning that the patient needs less anesthesia for surgery. For some patients, this is one of the most important factors in choosing between open or closed rhinoplasty. Also, with fewer incisions, the doctor can cut the time to surgery by 30 minutes and left no external wounds.

Fewer wounds

Because there are no external incisions in a closed nose job, there will be no left external wound. The surgeon is performing on the inside of the nose. and the surgeon makes sure that there are no effective signs of surgery. especially on the columella, which is the skin column between the two nasal cavities.

More blood circulation in the skin of the tip of the nose

A very important point to consider in a closed nose job is blood circulation in the skin. Because a closed nose job does not require incisions across the columella, we won't lose skin circulation. The skin remains in place after surgery. The swelling of the nose is less after closed rhinoplasty. because the skin's natural drainage channels are intact during surgery. For this reason, the noses of these patients will heal sooner than those who choose open rhinoplasty.

Disadvantages of closed rhinoplasty

Requires more professional skills

the surgeons perform closed nose job without lifting the skin of the nose. they make all the changes through the narrow openings in the nostrils. This method is so-called "blind" and the doctor does everything through feeling and appearance. This is why it is important to ensure the surgeon's skill. In the sense that rhinoplasty is more important to your surgeon than any other cosmetic surgery. Also, your surgeon must specialize in closed nose surgery.

Restrictions on corrective cases

Closed rhinoplasty limits the number of examinations a surgeon can perform. we recommend this method only for people who want to make minor changes. People who need complex changes in the nose should choose open nose surgery. Open and closed combination surgeries are impossible due to the complexity of the exposure and the lack of access to it.

The difficulty of visualizing the nose normally

In closed rhinoplasty, the doctor stretches the skin of the nose to access the inside of the nose. This can irritate the cartilage of the nose, making it difficult to see the normal state of the nose.

Remember that your surgeon will give you the best advice on techniques, in both open and closed rhinoplasty. what matters is your goals and what you want to do. The advantages and disadvantages of rhinoplasty are fully discussed in the consultation. and you will ultimately make the best decision.

Which rhinoplasty is the best for you?

Open and closed nose surgery is equally effective. What type of surgery you choose depends on the surgeon's expertise. also which method is most comfortable and meets your expectations? Although it is you who prefers open or closed rhinoplasty. the surgeon decides what is the best way to achieve the results you want.