What are the leading medical tourism cities in Iran?

What are the leading cities in Iran for Medical tourism? Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad, Ardabil, Tehran and etc. we can consider each of them as one of the leading medical tourism cities in Iran. which have succeeded in attracting medical tourists from countries close to them. Since the prosperity of medical tourism in Iran, it has been able to reach different cities and parts of the country.

 The reason for the prosperity of medical tourism in cities of Iran is that some cities have traditionally hosted medical tourists. From neighboring countries or other countries from around the world. Also, some other cities provide medical services to them due to the attraction of public tourists in recent years. 

In any case, medical tourism cities in Iran are able to differentiate themselves from some other cities and build their own brand of medical services.

In this article, we want to introduce the 5 important medical tourism cities in Iran and the reasons for the prosperity of medical tourism in them.

Mashhad; Capital of Medical Tourism of Iran

 Mashhad was one of the first cities in Iran to look at medical tourism as a comprehensive industry and defined a variety of services for medical tourists. The most important reason for the prosperity of Mashhad in the list of leading cities of medical tourism in Iran is: Imam Reza holy shrine and the other is Iraqi tourists. 

These travelers first traveled to Mashhad with pilgrimage and religious motives but as more and more Iraqi families traveled to Mashhad, they realized that many of their illnesses and physical ailments could be treated at a low cost during their days in Mashhad.

The medical services of Mashhad hospitals, clinics, and doctors are gradually spreading among Iraqi pilgrims. and now Mashhad is one of the most important medical destinations for Iraqi citizens.

Cosmetic surgeries like nose job in Iran, hair transplants, and general surgeries are the most important medical services that Iraqi travelers seek. 

Tehran; Tough competition of private hospitals to attract medical tourists

Tehran has the most medical facilities and the largest number of hospitals, clinics, and doctors. Therefore, it is not far from the mind that Tehran is one of the most important medical tourism cities in Iran. For a long time, medical tourists from different countries, including Kuwait, the UAE, Russia, and other European countries, have come to Tehran for treatment.

A large number of the most specialized and sophisticated medical surgeries that private hospitals perform annually. this led them to their competition for the significant market of medical tourism.

Also, the low costs of cosmetic surgeries in these medical centers compared with other countries, made Tehran one of the popular destinations for tourists. Leading ophthalmology and orthopedic clinics, infertility treatment clinics, beauty, and organ transplant centers are the most requested services in Tehran.

Shiraz: The Kaaba of healing the sheikhdoms

Shiraz is a four-season city with a temperate and hospitable climate. This southern city of Iran has long been a favorite destination for many citizens of the UAE, Kuwait, and Oman.

Ophthalmology, cardiovascular surgery, and dentistry are the most important competitive advantages of Shiraz in the medical tourism industry.

Ahwaz; The first destination of the Iraqis

The city of Ahvaz, not far from the Iraqi border, has been hosting Iraqis seeking medical treatment since the Iranian-Iraqi border opened to citizens.

Ahvaz has been one of the first choices of Iraqis for a medical trip to Iran due to its linguistic and cultural affinity. with Iraqi citizens and the family relationship that has long been established between some citizens of this city and citizens of cities such as Basra, Karbala, and Najaf. Has been included in the list of leading medical tourism in Iran.

Most Iraqis prefer to travel to Ahwaz by land for general treatment, diagnostic services, and treatments such as dentistry and ophthalmology. and seek help from doctors who often speak their language and are relatively familiar with Iraqi culture and lifestyle.

Tabriz; one of the best medical tourism cities in Iran

It may be strange how Tabriz has become one of the leading city for this purpose. Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan Province. The high-quality services and clinics and the most skilled doctors make here a lovely destination for medical tourists.

Tourists choose Tabriz more than other cities in Iran for primary and less risky treatments such as ophthalmology and dentistry and some skincare.