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Accommodation is an important part of your trip to Iran. Sometimes you want to carry our sleeping bags to spend the night under the roof of the night sky. sometimes you pitch a tent. sometimes your head out of a forest hut or a desert house. and sometimes in the middle of big cities, you prefer to stay in one of Iran hotels. In this article, we are going to visit the 5-star hotels in Iran. to see why all these stars show up on their shoulders. If you want to book any of these hotels, be sure to visit our online reservation system. which specializes in online booking of Iranian hotels, and experience a luxurious and different trip.

Dervish Hotel in Mashhad

Address: Mashhad, Imam Reza St.

If you are looking for the most luxurious hotel in Mashhad. which is ironically one of the 5-star hotels in Iran. you should visit the Dervish Hotel in Mashhad. But what makes it a five-star Dervish hotel and one of the best among 5-star hotels in Iran?

From the exterior of the hotel, you can see a building that at first glance has more than twenty floors. and its appearance is attractive and at the same time luxurious and modern. The Dervish Hotel has 25 floors. When you enter the hotel, among these 25 floors, an exceptional and sunny atrium will attract your attention. The architecture of this building is wonderful and this atrium is a relic of ancient Roman architecture. These 25 floors have so many well-equipped, different, yet ultra-luxurious rooms that you can’t choose one. From Imperial Room with Private Jacuzzi and Royal Decoration to Spa Penthouses with Special and Exclusive Spa Services! Things get better when you know you can choose the room or suite according to your favorite architecture.

Espinas Palace Tehran

Address: Abedi St., Behroud Sq., Saadat Abad, Tehran

Tehran always hosts travelers from all around the world. Many political, artistic, sports, and commercial officials who travel to Iran stay in Tehran. so, the presence of luxury 5-star hotels in Iran and the capital is not unexpected. But in the meantime, Espinas Palace, which rises to the sky like a white tower in Saadatabad. making it worthy of its name, Espinas Palace. The magnificent, luxurious, and beautiful lobby of the hotel reminds us why this is one of the 5-star hotels in Iran.

5-star hotels in Iran; Toranj Kish Hotel

Address: Kish Island

On the Persian Gulf, a coral island has calmed down, which has taken the hearts and souls of many. Kish is the only island in Iran that is tourist-oriented. and that is why luxury and 5-star hotels in Iran appear on this island. One of the most luxurious hotels on the island is undoubtedly the Toranj Kish Hotel. This hotel with its rooms on the water, with a view of the Persian Gulf that seems to last forever. 

There are about a hundred suites on the water. At first glance, this glass floor of each of the suites dazzles your eyes. a perfect stay on the floor of the Persian Gulf, and a new experience! The attractive view of each of the suites to the pristine nature around the island is the second advantage of the suites on the water. The suites, however, are different, Royal, Flat, and VIP, which differ depending on their size. Silence and calmness come first here and the suites are connected like a chain. A wooden island just below the ear of Kish Island in the shape of bergamot.

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel, Tabriz

Address: Shahid Fahmideh Square, Pasdaran Highway, Tabriz

Another 5-star hotel in Iran is in one of the oldest cities in Iran. Kaya Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz with its five stars is the best hotel in Tabriz. Another tall and luxurious building that belongs to the Kaya Hotel complex in Turkey. You can have different choices among the 220 rooms and suites of this complex. From deluxe rooms with luxurious and modern design to junior rooms or even executive suites. the options are in front of you. If you are looking for a more luxurious item, you can book royal and ultra-luxurious suites.

Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

 Address: Isfahan, Isfahan

You can experience staying in a traditional historical caravanserai in the heart of Isfahan with Abbasi Hotel. This hotel is one of the tourist attractions of Iran. It is also the oldest and most luxurious hotel in Isfahan with the magnificent Iranian architecture of the Safavid era. The main building of the hotel was built in 1128 by order of Shah Sultan Hossein Safavid. to offer it to his mother and later in 1345, it became the current hotel. Abbasi Hotel has 231 rooms, suites, and apartments. The hotel rooms are located around the hotel. also its courtyard and its turquoise pool and face the hotel courtyard, terrace, and windows. Each hotel room has a unique architecture. Overlooking most of the historical attractions of Isfahan, being equipped with modern services and amenities. these are some of the advantages of this 5-star hotel in Iran.