Best Iran Hotels; Don't Miss Most Attractive Hotels in Iran

Iran has many cities with many unique attractions that host thousands of tourists every day. all cities of Iran, have many hotels to accommodate this group of tourists. so, they can experience a pleasant stay in these cities and experience an unforgettable memory. Iran has about a thousand hotels. In the following, we want to select 13 best Iran hotels. These 13 Iran hotels are either special in terms of location, architecture, or other features that make them special. If you want to experience a different and exciting stay, we recommend staying in one of these exotic hotels.

13 extraordinary hotels of Iran

Laleh International Rocky Hotel

Location: Kandovan, Tabriz

If you like to go back to the Stone Age and live in the world of cavemen, Laleh Rocky Hotel will be a very funny choice. This hotel was built in one of the oldest villages in Iran. A village which its whole house has been dug up in the heart of stone.

This hotel used to be one of the village houses, but now it has become a five-star hotel! Some rooms at this stone hotel have a Jacuzzi! A jacuzzi whose heat is provided by the heat of the deep mountains.

Laleh Rocky Hotel is one of the best Iran hotels you can stay in northwestern Iran. This Iran hotel is sixty kilometers from Tabriz in the middle of a rural environment with lush gardens.

Narenjestan Hotel

Location: Mahmoudabad, Mazandaran

Narenjestan Hotel is one of those best Iran hotels that you fall in love with its special place and the friendly behavior of its staff immediately.

Narenjestan is located next to beautiful orange orchards in the heart of the Caspian Sea coast. If you want to get intoxicated with the scent of spring orange, visit the Naranjestan Hotel in early spring and the beginning of orange blossom.

The villas and suites of this four-star hotel have both the sea and the forest view. Of course, Naranjestan also has a massage room and a very lovely traditional restaurant.

If you are looking for a hotel to get away from the hustle and bustle, Narenjestan Hotel is one of the best offers. Wherever you go in Naranjestan, you just find peace and silence.

Abbasi Hotel

Location: Isfahan, Isfahan

According to some narrations, Abbasi Hotel is the oldest hotel in Isfahan. Now, whether it is the oldest or not, the Abbasi Hotel has more than three hundred years of experience in entertaining its guests.

It does not matter what time of year you go to the Abbasi Hotel, in any case, you will encounter a garden full of freshness.

The Abbasi Hotel used to be an inn; an inn built by order of Shah Abbas. Around the garden, some rooms still feel like the old caravanserai.

Of course, these Safavid rooms with a view of the garden are very popular, and you usually have to book them very early.

There are several traditional cafes and restaurants around the hotel courtyard and its turquoise pool, which are naturally worth emptying your pockets for. Abbasi Hotel is located on Chaharbagh Street and is very close to Naghsh Jahan Square.

Shiraz Grand Hotel

Location: Shiraz, Fars

you can admire the view of Shiraz gardens and rose flowers in the streets from Shiraz Grand Hotel. Hafez Tomb and Eram Garden are also right next to the Grand Hotel in Shiraz.

This Iran hotel is designed so that as many rooms as possible have a terrace so that hotel guests can enjoy the pleasant climate of Shiraz.

This five-star hotel is right next to the Quran Gate, the main entrance to Shiraz. So, you won’t have any problem finding it at all.

Espinas Palace Hotel

Location: Tehran, Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran. It seems that the builders of this hotel only intended to build a hotel that looks as luxurious as possible. Of course, they seem to have been successful.

The branch of Espinas Palace Hotel in the north of Tehran (Saadat Abad) was opened in 2015 and with a capacity of more than a thousand guests, is one of the largest Iran hotels.

All Espinas Palace hotels are special in terms of choice of location and type of service and design.

So, if you are looking for a luxury hotel in Tehran, consider Espinas Palace. It is no coincidence that it is called Palace.

Dariush Grand Hotel

Location: Kish Island

Dariush Grand Hotel, as its name suggests, is reminiscent of the Achaemenid Empire and the history of ancient Iran.

If you pass by Dariush Hotel, the Achaemenid architectural model will surely be interesting for you.

This hotel is located in the center of Kish Island and is also known as Kish Hotel.

Zainuddin Caravanserai

Location: Yazd, Yazd

You must have heard that Shah Abbas Safavid had a record of building a caravanserai. During his reign, 999 inns were built in Iran, one of which is the Zainuddin Caravanserai in Yazd.

A caravanserai in the heart of the desert between Yazd and Isfahan, which in the Safavid era hosted traders on the Silk Road from around the world.

The rooms of this caravanserai are around the courtyard and the bathroom and shower are located in a common area.

If you go to Zainuddin Caravanserai in summer, you can sleep on the roof and enjoy seeing the beautiful sky and the starry night of the desert.

Zainuddin Caravanserai is a cozy and comfortable residence in the heart of the central desert of Iran, which will surely be interesting to experience. 

Dad Hotel

Location: Yazd, Yazd

The building of Dad Hotel belongs to the Qajar period. Dad Hotel is one of the oldest boutique Iran hotels.

A boutique hotel is a hotel that, unlike grand hotels, is not known for providing luxury services. The main purpose of staying in boutiques is to visit the architecture and special space of the building.

It is worth mentioning that Kandovan Hotel, which was the first offer on this list, and Ameriha house, which we will introduce, are both considered boutique hotels.

So, if you go to this hotel, you should not expect the services of five-star hotels. The hotel's breakfast buffet is probably simpler than you think.

The people which go to this hotel want to smell the evening breeze with the smell of old bricks.

Yazd is one of the most historic cities in Iran and staying at the Dad Hotel allows you to experience life for a few days like the people of this old city. Dad Hotel will be a very attractive and exciting choice for those who want to travel to Yazd.

Bame Sabz Hotel

Location: Ramsar, Mazandaran

Bame Sabz Hotel is located on the top of the Alborz mountain range. Let me say that Bam Sabz Hotel is very high above the Alborz mountain range, that you must take a cable car to go to this hotel.

Bame Sabz Hotel is a good excuse to stare at the sea in the middle of the northern forests and completely forget about the city and its bustle. In addition to the usual rooms, the hotel also offers forest huts.

Navizar Hotel

Location: Alamut, Qazvin

Navizar Hotel has only three stars. You must be wondering why an average hotel is suddenly on our list. Incidentally, Navizar Hotel is a hotel that its exterior will attract you. but when you step inside, you will be surprised by the lack of facilities in this residence.

What makes this Iran hotel special is the hospitality of the Afshinfar family who runs the hotel.

Everybody has heard about the legendary stories of Hashashin and Hassan Sabah, but few have visited Alamut and its sights. The people of Alamut are not only beautiful but also has very kind and loving people.

If you go to Alamut, think of Navizar Hotel. A warm and intimate hotel in one of the most distant parts of Iran.

Saraye Ameriha House

Location: Kashan, Isfahan

Saraye Ameriha hotel, while being one of the historical houses of Kashan that has been turned into a hotel, is also considered one of the most luxurious accommodations in Iran.

A five-star hotel that becomes a combination of tradition and modernity.

It may be interesting to you that the original owner of the Ameriha house was Haj Ibrahim Khan Kalantar. The sheriff of Shiraz, who betrayed Lotfali Khan during the attack of Agha Mohammad Khan on Shiraz and did not open the city gate for him.

Later, this house was developed during the Qajar period by a person named Saham Al-Saltanah Ameri, until a few years ago, when it was renovated, it became one of the best boutique hotels in Iran.

Good food, good service, and a short distance to the historical areas of Kashan have all made Saraye Ameriha the first-class offer. Especially if you are interested in art and architecture.

Dizin Hotel 1

Location: Dizin, Karaj, Alborz

Dizin Tourism Hotel has two complexes, one of these large buildings is known as Dizin 1 Hotel and the other as the Dizin 2 Hotel. Dizin 1 building is older and was built in the Pahlavi period. but Old but Gold.

also, there are 15 Swiss-style mountain cottages in the Dizin collection.

Going to Dizin 1 still retains some of the nostalgia for life in Iran fifty years ago. In one or two minutes you can get on the cable car and go high to reach this Iran hotel.

Adjacent to the Dizin ski slope in the cool of the heights around Tehran, it will be a pleasant stay.

Barin Hotel

Location: Shemshak, Tehran

Shemshak is the second largest Ski resort in Tehran. Which, of course, is not far from Tehran. Maybe that's why ski enthusiasts from Iran and the world are very interested in Shemshak.

If you pass by Shemshak, you can see one of the best examples of hotel architecture in the world nearby.

The Barin Hotel won the 2012 Chicago International Architecture Award. its architecture is very reminiscent of the Eskimo hut.

The architects of this Iran hotel wanted to design it in a way that is a mixture of nature and architecture.

Due to the all-white facade of the Barin Hotel, this hotel may also be referred to as the Ice Flower Hotel.

Barin Hotel has sixty suites of different sizes. If you are a skier or if you want to live like an Eskimo for a short time, be sure to consider the Barin Hotel as one of the best Iran hotels.