The best advice for the nose job | Anesthesia in the nose job

One of the most common cosmetic surgeries is rhinoplasty or nose job. In this operation, the surgeon can change the appearance of the nose. A Nose job in Iran is very important because the nose is located in the center of the face and plays an important role in the beauty of facial components. and besides, it is the most important part of breathing and plays an important and fundamental role in the overall health of the body. For this reason, first of all, you should be careful in choosing a rhino surgeon. Because the art, taste, and experience of a rhinoplasty surgeon play a key role in a good and desirable conclusion

Nose anatomy

The anatomy of the nose (of course, the part related to rhinoplasty) is:

  • The upper part of the nose is called the nose bridge. The slope of the nose towards the tip of the nose is called the back of the nose (dorsum).

  • The nostrils are located between the nose and the upper lip, and the skin strip between the nostrils is called the columella.

  • The upper part of the back of the nose is made up of the nose bone, while the lower part is made up of cartilage.

  • In the midline is the cartilage of the nasal septum, on either side of which are the lateral cartilages of the nose. On each side is the cartilage of the nasal septum that surrounds and protects the nostrils

About Rhinoplasty

This action, as we said, is to make people's faces more beautiful. Today, it has many fans all over the world. In this surgery, the nose surgeon changes the shape of the bone and cartilage of the nose to make it look more appropriate.

These changes are made according to the type of nose. Sometimes you may not need to shave the bone, sometimes you may need to shave the cartilage, and sometimes you may need both. All this will be done based on the knowledge and experience of the specialist and surgeon.

Necessities of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is usually an optional procedure and is not
mandatory or necessary. Most people who request a nose job are under 30 years old. In some people, respiratory problems force them to do so.

Contraindications to rhinoplasty

There is usually no specific barrier to rhinoplasty unless the person is in certain medical conditions, such as severe heart disease.

But there are some considerations:

  1. Teenagers have to wait until they reach adulthood to have a rhinoplasty.

  2. A blood clotting problem may cause bleeding. Aspirin may affect the blood clotting process, so be sure to tell your surgeon if you are taking aspirin.

  3. The person should refrain from smoking for at least two to four weeks before rhinoplasty because nicotine may delay the healing process.

  4. A person's body may be colloidal (colloid is called residual wound effects)

  5. One should be realistic about one's expectations of rhinoplasty, especially adolescents and their parents. Rhinoplasty improves a person's appearance and thus boosts self-confidence, but in no way does it create a new person or create a different face.

  6. If you had Rhinoplasty before and plan to do it again, be sure to tell your surgeon.

The best advice for the nose job

Each person should schedule a consultation with the surgeon before their nose job. In this session, the surgeon examines the best form and the best method for the patients. It will be according to the form of the applicant's nose and face and chooses the best way. Sometimes, people who come to the surgeon for respiratory problems, etc., like to continue to work and have a rhinoplasty after solving the nose problems, all of which should be carefully examined.

Natural Rhinoplasty

There are many reasons for this surgery. Some people have had an accident that affects their faces. or maybe their nose organs have been damaged. Others suffer from nose deviation and respiratory problems. Some people want this surgery just to boost their self-confidence in the community and life. And even today, many actors and other famous people are having nose surgery and it seems that they want to have a more beautiful face than they have.

But the important thing is that this action takes place naturally. That is, the shape of the nose is ultimately proportional to the other parts of the face. This is how a person's face will become more beautiful. So, you have to be careful about that.

How is the nose job operation?

Rhinoplasty may be performed in a hospital or clinic or even a limited surgery facility under general anesthesia (sleep) or local anesthesia (awakening) with sedation.

Rhinoplasty briefly involves lifting the skin of the nose from the underlying bone and cartilage and deforming the bone and cartilage and placing the skin in place, resulting in the formation of deformed skin with bone and cartilage.

Some surgeons may make incisions inside the nostrils, which is called a closed rhinoplasty procedure, but some may also make a hole in the skin barrier between the two holes (columella) to completely lift the skin of the nose. This is called an open nose job.

When the skin is removed from the bone and cartilage, the hump behind the nose is smoothed by cutting the nasal bone and shortening the nasal septum, and performing an osteotomy.

The nostrils are reduced by removing small pieces of the base skin of the nostrils on each side.

In the process of nose deformity, depending on the need and shape of the nose, the tip of the nose may be deformed and the angle between the nose and the upper lip may change.

After surgery, a splint is placed on the back of the nose to maintain the shape of the newly operated nose.

Special tampons are inserted into the nostrils to support the cartilaginous septum in the middle of the nose after surgery.

Your expectations from rhinoplasty

The important thing is that many people who refer to this point do not mention it, what do they expect from rhinoplasty?! It is very important what you expect from the doctor and what the doctor wants to achieve in principle? You may have a nose shape that does not fit your face and other parts of your face at all, and this is something you cannot recognize and it is the surgeon's job. And your doctor will consider another form as the natural form of your nose and it will be very compatible with your face. However, you should explain your expectations to the surgeon accurately and clearly.

Anesthesia in the nose job

Local anesthesia is commonly used in outpatient surgery. This is done according to the doctor's opinion. And if general or complete anesthesia is needed, it is done through the airways or intravenously. However, one of these methods will be done in such a way that you will not feel the slightest pain during the surgery.

Important care after rhinoplasty

Undoubtedly, after rhinoplasty, you should rest in bed. This way you should not lie down as bleeding may occur. You should put a pillow behind your waist and head. so that your head is higher than your chest. Your face may be swollen after rhinoplasty. Especially under the eyes and around the nose. This is perfectly normal. You may feel full or stuffy inside your nose, which is also normal for splinters inside your nose.

For a few days after the operation, you may see small bleeding when changing the dressing or emptying the mucosa, etc. You should know that this is normal considering the manipulations that have been made in the nose. If you follow a series of tips after rhinoplasty, your recovery process will increase.

  • You should not have movements such as exercise, running, jumping, etc. for a while.

  • As long as your nose is bandaged, your head should never be in the shower. Try to bathe inside the bathtub if possible.

  • Do not fin.

  • Remember that the first thing that puts pressure on you is the surgical site. Try to eat high-fiber foods and fruits and vegetables well to avoid constipation.

  • Laughing, crying, expressing emotions intensely! it is forbidden.

  • Be sure to wear clothes that have buttons on the front. Do not hit your face and nose when changing clothes.

  • Keep in mind that the less movement your face generally has, the better the healing process. When brushing, relax so that your face and lips do not move.

Rhinoplasty cost

When you decide to have cosmetic surgery, you should look for a good specialist and cosmetic surgeon. This should be the first factor of your choice in this way. Then we come to the price of rhinoplasty, which you should inquire about after you see a surgeon. Some people ask each other the price of rhinoplasty and choose their surgeon accordingly. If this is not true at all. You may not have a problem with a friend or acquaintance.

Or vice versa. Maybe you want to have surgery on your nose and when you go to a good specialist and surgeon, you realize that there is no need for surgery and other methods can have a beautiful and different face.

Rhinoplasty in Iran

If you are looking for the cheapest and also one of the best countries for your nose job. We offer you to choose rhinoplasty in Iran.

Why Iran for rhinoplasty?

As the capital of rhinoplasty, more than 80,000 rhinoplasties are performed annually in Iran, which is seven times more than in the United States.

The high success rate of rhinoplasty in Iran is due to various factors such as the improvement of surgical techniques, competitive prices, and finally, skilled surgeons.

The cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is usually lower than in other countries, while the level of satisfaction is higher.

As Iran has the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the Middle East, many people from all over the world decide to have their rhinoplasty performed in Iran, especially in Tehran.

in medical tourism in Iran, clinics provide quality services and advanced facilities to patients, and patients can benefit from the latest medical and beauty services.

Many people from all over the world trust our skilled doctors, and prefer to have their nose surgery in Iran and at the same time enjoy the many tourist attractions of Iran.

Complications of rhinoplasty

People may take pills for various diseases many times during their life. They may need surgery many times for different diseases and may need to take different medications during open treatment. Each of these may have effects on one person's body that do not affect others! So, it is not possible to determine with certainty that drug X or cosmetic procedure Y has side effects.

The same goes for rhinoplasty. There may be people who have a problem or problems after surgery. Of course, all these problems can be solved. Some of these side effects include difficulty breathing through the nose, permanent numbness inside or outside the nose, swelling of the nose for a long time after surgery, perforation of the septum, the possibility of an asymmetrical and uniform appearance.

Some of these complications may be due to not following the instructions given to you by the surgeon. Others may be due to your body system. And others from your rhino surgeon. And for these reasons, you should refer to a professional surgeon in Tehran to reduce the risks and complications of rhinoplasty. Which can guide you in the best possible way before and after the operation and can perform the surgery correctly and with the least risk.