Car Rental Insurance in Iran | Read before renting a car in Iran

A Guide to Car Rental Insurance in Iran

I understand that while traveling, we only want to have fun. no one wants to think about car rental insurance in Iran.

we want to think about the history, the scenery, the next amazing stop! and it's all understandable. but if you want to enjoy all these using a car rental in Iran, then consider reading this article and then deciding if you need insurance or not.

but I'm here to advise you to spend a little more money and get car rental insurance in Iran with your hired car.

You will save thousands of dollars. try to think about it this way, you could actually save a lot of money and trouble and the best part, travel with your mind at peace.

Different types of car rental insurance in Iran

If you’re in an accident while driving a rental car, you’re responsible for the damage.

But whether or not you need to pay for extra coverage and even more important,  how much you will have to pay, depends on what insurance you applied for when renting your car.

here I will show you different types of car rental insurances in Iran that you can choose from.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

it's included in your booking if you rent your car from Iranmedopia 

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)

Roadside Assistance Cover

Covers roadside costs such as towing, fuel and key lockout.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

PAI insurance compensates you for personal injuries

Iranmedopia Car Rental Insurance in Iran:

If you want to rent a car from Iranmedopia, you should  be happy to find out that all our cars have the basic CDW insurance.

and hey, remember, all our cars come with a full gas policy and free mileage!

but we offer two different types of Insurance for our customers:

Our Basic car rental insurance in Iran includes:

  • Basic CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)
  • Personal accident protection
  • Third-Party Liability coverage
  • The Golden car rental insurance package

Full Protection Insurance Package:

This is the ultimate insurance package you could apply for. it covers the highest level of CDW coverage.

Iranmedopia offers this all inclusive package at incredible prices.

By aquiring Full Protection insurance, you will have the minimum responsibility towards your rental car.

This full protection Package includes:

  • SCDW or Super Collision Damage Waiver
  • Theft protection
  • Personal accident protection
  • Third-Party Liability coverage
  • Windscreen, Glass, Lights & Tires protection

What should I do if I have an accident?

having an accident with a rental car is the last thing anybody needs. 

But we have to admit, accidents happen everyday and to everybody, it's us who have to prepare for them.

so, with no more adue, if you've been in an accident with your rental car in Iran, here's what you should do

  1. Contact the emergency services if necessary 
  2. Call the police and file a report
  3. Notify your rental car company of the damage immediately. they  will guide you through next steps

The amount of Money you are responsible to pay will be calculated by the insurance company.

What Should I do if my Rented Car Gets Stolen:

This is a tough situation,l I understand. All you know is that parked your car here, right here, and now it's gone.

opr better say, stolen, but no need to panic. let's see how things will unfold if you rental car gets stolen

I Have No insurance

well, if you have no Insurance, the deposit will be taken and the insurance company will decide the rest of the expenses based on the type of the car

I used car rental insurance in Iran

If you have purchased the Full Protection aka Car rental insurance Golden insurance in Iran, then you will only need to pay 3200$ deposit that you've allready paid.

  1.  our cars all have the basic CDW insurance 
  2.  we offer free mileage with our rental cars
  3. We have a full gas Policy, it meants that car will be delivered to you with full gas, and that's how you should return it, or else you will have to pay for the gas

Why Iranmedopia Car rental Company:

We are not just a company looking for profit, we aim to make traveling to Iran as easy as it can get. 

We want to solve all travel problems like car rentals in this case.

if you've ever have a problem on the road, we get there as soon as possible to guide and help you with everys step

  1. we offer 24/7 services and while you are on the road, you can count on us, no matter whee in Iran you are. we will get there asap.
  2. if there's any problem with your rental car, we are happy to change the car in less than 24 hours, to insure a safe trip for you and your companion.

At the end, Iranmedopia wish you a safe and sound trip in Iran and will do anything to make your trip to iran memorable and full of joy.