What is the newest weight loss surgery? Weight loss surgery 2021

Are you looking for the newest weight loss surgery? In this article, we will present you with the latest weight loss surgery. In previous articles, we generally talked about weight loss surgery in Iran. Now let’s see what is the newest slimming surgery method that many people are looking for.

Obesity is currently one of the biggest problems for people. Being overweight not only affects your appearance but also causes many diseases. Simming surgery can help you reach your desired weight and body shape. Also, it reduces the risk of diseases that are directly and indirectly and indirectly related to obesity.

The newest weight loss surgery – Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

The newest weight loss surgery is called Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. This method is advanced and with the least amount of invasion to lose weight. But how is endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty performed? In this procedure:

The surgeon through the endoscope and the mouth reduced the space inside your gastric with the internal sutures. There is no surgical incision in this procedure. In fact, the doctor does everything through the endoscope and the mouth. It is similar to a diagnostic oral endoscopy and only sutures are added.

In this operation, a part of the gastric folds from the inside on itself (such as sewing clothes), which reduces the size of the gastric. Due to the folding of the gastric, this operation is also known as the accordion method.

The endoscopic procedure is also similar to Laparoscopic gastric reduction. But doesn’t require surgery or skin incisions (such as laparoscopy).

Why the newest weight loss surgery?

Obesity as a pandemic is spreading day by day.  with the onset of Covid 19 disease (coronavirus), the number of obese people is increasing every day. Because the people’s activity in this period is limited.

Benefits of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

One of the benefits of this new slimming surgery is its reversibility. (It is practically a reversible method). Because the surgeon does not remove any part of the gastric in Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

Also, performing this operation does not create any restrictions for other weight-loss surgeries. This means that there are no restrictions on other weight-loss surgeries in the future. Other benefits include:

  • Rapid recovery  after surgery
  • Fewer side effects

Patients usually return home on the surgery day. Some patients experience postoperative nausea, which may last for about two days. Because there is no surgical incision, patients usually return to normal life within two days.

Can new endoscopic procedures replace Bariatric Surgery?

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty or generally new endoscopic procedures offer an alternative to bariatric surgery. The result of this method for weight loss is better than placing a ballon in the gastric, but it is not as good as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery. You can read about these surgeries in the following articles:

Who is ideal for the latest slimming surgery method?

The latest slimming surgery method (Endoscopic procedure) is ideal for:

  • People with a body mass index (BMI) of 3 or more
  • Those whose diet and exercise have not helped them lose weight

People who do not want surgery and do not want a scar on their abdomen may also be able to use this method.

Result of new weight loss surgery

It is completely wrong to follow only the most advanced weight loss surgery and not to change your lifestyle.

Weight loss with this method and other surgical or endoscopic methods to lose weight cause:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better blood sugar control
  • Improves sleep apnea
  • Reduce gastric acid reflux

In general, new weight loss surgery will reduce many serious problems associated with obesity and overweight.