Can I have Hair transplant during COVID 19? | [ -Iranmedopia- ]

Can I have a hair transplant during covid 19? This is a question many people ask.  Hair transplant in Iran is better than in other countries, but these days the prevalence of Covid 19 has created different conditions. COVID-19 is a viral disease. You may get the disease through inhalation and contact with contaminated surfaces. Many people around the world are affected by this disease. The only way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to avoid crowds and strict observance of health tips. For this reason, in many countries, including Iran, governments have set aside time for quarantine and closure of some businesses.

Hair transplantation during the outbreak of Corona

Hair transplantation is a permanent way to restore natural hair to people who have hair loss in parts of the head for various reasons. As mentioned, at the peak of the corona outbreak, governments impose restrictions, including the beauty salons closure, and, of course, hair transplant clinics will be subject to guidelines from the Ministry of Health. In this situation, the Ministry of Health does not allow any beauty salon to perform beauty treatments. Only essential clinics and treatment centers are allowed to provide services. During quarantine and restrictions, it is not possible to go for a hair transplant, but these severe restrictions are only for a specific period (usually two to four weeks).  

 After the end of the quarantine period

After the end of the quarantine period, the government will notify beauty clinics due to the decrease in the number of patients with Covid-19. Under these licenses, beauty clinics can resume operations. Of course, the existence of these permits does not mean passing through Corona. You must observe health restrictions and spacing restrictions. To do a hair transplant at any time, you must first check your condition. This way you will find out if you are a good candidate for this beauty treatment or not.

 Suitable candidates for hair transplants are:

•    People with severe hair loss and pattern baldness or coin hair loss
•    People who have suffered hair loss due to accidents and burns
•    People with hair loss due to hormonal and genetic problems
•    Age condition between 25 and 60 years (in young ages there is a possibility of more hair loss and in old age, there is a possibility of unsuccessful hair transplant)
•    Healthy physical condition and no disease

Conditions for hair transplantation at the time of corona outbreak

If beauty centers are reopened, hair transplant services should be provided to the highest standards to minimize the possibility of transmitting the coronavirus. Hair transplantation during this period is done under the following conditions:
•    Daily admission of a limited number of applicants
•    Avoid creating a queue to observe spacing
•    When attending the hair transplant clinic, all staff and clients should use masks and other protective health items (such as gloves, shields, etc.)
•    When clients enter hair transplant clinics and centers, an initial check should be done to check body temperature. 
•    Check the health status of staff and attendees in beauty clinics on a daily basis