Heart disease and rhinoplasty | rhinoplasty effects on the heart

Rhinoplasty for heart patients. Is Rhinoplasty Dangerous for Heart Patients? Some people who decide to have rhinoplasty in Iran ask these questions. What do you think? There are different opinions on this issue. In some cases, rhinoplasty can affect a person's heart disease. This means that rhinoplasty may eliminate respiratory problems. This will improve your breathing and blood flow to your body. Do you want to know if rhinoplasty is possible for heart patients? To understand the effects of rhinoplasty on the heart and respiratory system. Read this article to the end. Of course, rhinoplasty is a bit risky for heart patients.

Heart disease

Common heart disease that is mild does not prevent cosmetic surgery. Doctors often refer to problems such as mitral valve prolapse as a heart problem. The surgeon can consider the necessary items during the surgery so that there is no problem for the person's life. In cases where the person has heart valve disease, the surgeon should perform surgery with the help of an anesthesiologist. The doctor should review all surgical cases with the necessary tests. In all cases where the patient has such problems, the doctor can minimize the risk of rhinoplasty by performing the necessary examinations and tests.
 If you have a specific illness, you should inform your doctor before surgery. Your doctor should check for a heart attack or heart failure. Finally, your surgery should be performed on your doctor's advice. The surgeon may conclude that rhinoplasty is harmful to you. 
The effects of conditions such as anesthesia can cause problems for the heart patient.

Mitral valve prolapse and nasal surgery

Mitral valve prolapse is one of the most common heart diseases. According to doctors, about 20% of people in the community have mitral valve prolapse. Mention this issue during a pre-rhinoplasty consultation. Perform the necessary examinations and tests to know the severity of the disease and to plan how to control it during rhinoplasty. This problem will not negatively affect the process of the nose job.

Heart disease and rhinoplasty

As you know, rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. Many people think that if they have heart disease, they can not tolerate rhinoplasty. Note that the surgeon and anesthesiologist will perform the various stages of the surgery in the best possible way by carefully examining your health condition.

The importance of preoperative rhinoplasty for heart patients

Even in people who do not have a specific problem or disease, this consultation is necessary and essential. For people with a variety of underlying conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, it is important to have a counseling session for the following reasons:
•    You express your health problems during the counseling session. In this way, the surgeon gets an overview of this issue and can help you to have a better and healthier experience of rhinoplasty.
•    Your doctor will review your medical history. For this reason, you should bring your medical record with you to the consultation. 
•    After reviewing your medical record, you will have tests such as an ECG before your nose job. To determine the general condition of your cardiovascular system for the surgeon.
•    Your doctor will review the medications you are currently taking for your heart disease. A new schedule for your medication is prescribed about 2 weeks before the nose job. This is because some of these drugs may interact with the anesthetic. If none of your medications interfere with anesthesia, you can take them with a pre-arranged schedule.