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The digital dental implant is amazing, a wonder of modern dentistry. If you have read our article about dental implant in Iran, now is the time to get acquainted with a digital dental implant. In this article, we describe surgical dental treatments and explain the advantages and applications of this digital approach for implant placement procedures and other oral surgical protocols. 
If you are currently unsatisfied with the appearance of your smile, read this article. Missing teeth can lower your self-esteem and can also affect your oral health. The dental implant is the best way to replace a lost tooth. 
A dental implant is a piece of titanium. The dentist surgically inserts this piece into the jawbone. After a while, the implant is welded and the dental veneer is placed on it. After a while, the implant welds, and the surgeon places a dental veneer on it. with the new digital dental implants procedure, doctors can perform your procedure more quickly and comfortably than ever before. 

Digital Dental implant

The digital dental implant is a replacement tooth that is supported by your jawbone, just like natural teeth, so that allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods, requires no special care, and may last a lifetime if properly cared for. Digital dental implants use new tools and 3D software to perform surgery with minimal incisions. with a 3D computer simulation, the dentist can check the bone condition and nerve position. This information helps a reputable cosmetic dentist to be able to plan surgery with minimal incision.
Digital implant surgery is also called digital navigation implant surgery.
Do you want to know if digital implant surgery is right for you? I recommend reading the blog post down below and contacting a dentist knowledgeable in digital implant surgery.

How digital dental implants work

In a digital dental implant, During the dental procedure, an exact guide is fitted over your teeth to ensure no damage is done to the surrounding nerve or teeth.

Benefits of Digital dental implant

We get a lot of questions from patients concerning the benefits of digital implant surgery. Survey results show that patients' satisfaction with digital implants is about twice as high as traditional implants. With digital implants, pain and bleeding are greatly reduced and the base of the implant is placed very carefully inside the jaw.

Get your teeth faster

Dental implant treatment is often a time-consuming process, and the fact that a person must be left without teeth can be a concern. Because patients have to spend some time without teeth after implanting a titanium base to reduce inflammation and strengthen the metal root. But the new technology of digital implants solves these problems and immediately after placing the base in the jaw bone, a temporary veneer is placed on it.  

Is it less painful than other dental implant surgery?

The answer is yes, Because digital implant surgery can make the smallest incision possible, it is less painful than traditional implant surgery.

What is minimal incision surgery?

If you do not receive your proper answer, you can contact Iranmedopia and ask your questions about digital implants.