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If you are planning to have a nose job in Iran, it is important to know about its complications. Gain the necessary knowledge about this so that you can make the right decision. Can rhinoplasty cause death? If yes, what is the cause of death in rhinoplasty? And what should we do to reduce the risk of complications related to surgery? Surgery, including rhinoplasty, has had many side effects and risks from the past to the present. In this article, we review the possibility of nose job risk of death. If you are curious, know if anyone died during rhinoplasty? Read the article to the end. 

Nose job risks death (How dangerous is a rhinoplasty)

Today, unlike in the past, achieving the ideal and desired face is no longer impossible. You can use cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty to make all the necessary and desired changes in your face. In recent decades, due to the progress of medical sciences, the probability of surgical complications in applicants has decreased.
However, some cosmetic procedures still have risks that threaten the health of the applicant.  Rhinoplasty also has risks and side effects. It requires a lot of attention. It is true that a patient can die while undergoing a nose job. But rhinoplasty risks death should not be a major deterrent from your decision to have the surgery.

Can rhinoplasty cause death? 

note that death during rhinoplasty is extremely rare. Relatively young and healthy people usually choose rhinoplasty so it is possible that latent and congenital diseases may present for the first time, or become exacerbated by the stress of surgery. You may have a family history of allergies to general anesthetic.
allergies to general anesthetic include allergies such as malignant hyperthermia or pseudocholinesterase deficiency. If you do not have these allergies and if you are otherwise healthy surgery with a reputable rhinoplasty specialist and anesthesiologist should be well tolerated.

What is the cause of death in rhinoplasty? 

Most of these complications are related to anesthesia. There are simple tests that will indicate whether or not the patient’s heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc are healthy and able to tolerate anesthesia. for example: 

  • blood work
  • EKG's
  • chest X-rays

Another case of death occurs because of complications excessive bleeding, or as the result of a previous, unrelated health concern. In addition, a rhinoplasty under sedation or local anesthesia is not safe. because the airway is not secure and the patient can have more risk.

What can you do to reduce the risk of nose job complications?

Choose an accredited surgery center. A center where all staff has the property qualifications for their work. However, rhinoplasty is also surgery and it is impossible to eliminate the risk of death. Please undergo a full health examination before committing to rhinoplasty. 
Your doctor should check you and make sure you get a medical clearance before surgery to make sure you are safe and medically optimized before considering surgery. According to New York Plastic Surgical Group With the proper checks and proper anesthesia team, the chance of death with such an elective procedure is on the order of 1 in 1 million.

The best way to reduce the risk of death from rhinoplasty

What is the most important factor when considering the safety of cosmetic surgery? the proper screening of patients. If your physician knows your thorough history and physical exam practices. he or she will pick up health conditions that would put you at risk for complications during surgery. The safest anesthesia is where your airway is protected with endotracheal intubation.