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A nose job in Iran is a type of plastic surgery that the surgeons perform to achieve cosmetic or functional goals and to make the size and the shape of the nose relative to other parts of the face. During this surgery, rhinoplasty surgeons try to make changes to the structure of the bone, cartilage, or skin of the nose. One of the important points to consider before rhinoplasty is to share all your expectations from the result of the surgery with your rhinoplasty surgeon so that he can perform the rhinoplasty in the best way through your goals and your discretion. Our Iran medical tours doctors and surgeons arrange a consultation with the patients before the surgery.

What should you expect from a rhinoplasty?

In this article, we are going to talk about the expectations you should have after your nose job surgery. You should have realistic expectations from the result of your surgery. Also, you should expect some compliments after your surgery. But first, let’s talk about the real and reasonable expectations you must have from your surgery.

The nose job recovery duration

Your rhinoplasty surgeon should advise you of all the conditions and expectations after rhinoplasty recovery. Everyone has a different healing process. This can be a guide to generally understand what to expect after a nose job. The first thing you need to know is that the average recovery time is usually about 2 to 3 weeks. But this recovery time is different for everyone.

What will happen after the surgery?

Rhinoplasty takes about an hour or so. After the operation, you can go home and rest the same day. Immediately after rhinoplasty, you are transferred to a recovery room until you are completely anesthetized. It varies from person to person, depending on how your body responds to anesthesia. For example, you may have nausea.

Other symptoms you may have after rhinoplasty include pain, discomfort, swelling, and itching of the nose. You will not be able to empty your nose for several weeks after the operation.

What symptoms should we expect after the rhinoplasty?

There are several other symptoms that you experience after rhinoplasty. In the continue, we are going to count the most common symptoms that most of the patients will experience after this surgery.

The pain

Following this surgery, you may or may not have pain. Depending on the type of surgery and anesthesia performed. Your surgeon will prescribe a painkiller until you have a full recovery. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions. If you experience a lot of pain, even with painkillers, and it lasts for weeks, be sure to see your doctor right away.


It is a common symptom after surgery. The same complication can last for days and weeks. As mentioned, this complication continues until the body responds to the healing process. Swelling may also cause bruising or dark circles around the eyes. It even has puffiness under the eyes for a while. Smiling for up to 3 to 4 weeks can also be difficult. It is normal to have pain or numbness in the four front teeth.

Itchy nose

Bleeding after surgery is very common. Of course, the first few days after surgery occur in the days of recovery after rhinoplasty. Just be careful not to empty your nose. Because it tears the stitches. Only if you have constant nosebleeds is it a concern and you should see a doctor.


Headache is another common complication after rhinoplasty. Depending on what has been done in the surgery, and how the body responds to the anesthesia, you may experience headaches after the surgery. Consult your doctor before taking painkillers, as aspirin and ibuprofen cause heavy bleeding and are very effective in healing.