The difference between Liposuction and Lipomatic (2021 surgery guide)

"I don't like my body", "I can't go on diet anymore". These days, we heard a lot of sentences like this. So, Scientists found some ways to make this work a little easier for you. Cosmetic surgery is Way that helps you to shape your body in the way that you like. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve a person's appearance, self-esteem, and self-confidence. In this surgery, we have two parts: 1) lipomatic, and the other is 2) liposuction. At least, for getting the best results you can visit Iranmedopia and get all the information that you need.

Lipomatic surgery

As we mentioned above, Lipomatic is one way to shape your body. This method works with a vibrating device that is used to remove fat, works with low-frequency sound waves that cannot be heard by anyone. So after this work, the fat in the problematic area is melted. During a short time, all fats will be lost over. nowadays, we have two different Lipo. The first one is normal or old Lipo and the second one is Vaser Lipo.

Vaser lipomatic

Vaser liposuction is performed by ultrasound technology breaking down fat tissue inside the area of treatment surrounding cells and tissues are not affected however as different tissues naturally vibrate at different notions, the ultrasound is set at a vibration that only affects the fat cells. In this method, patients will get better in a short time and they can undergo Vaser lipo while they are awake, and it usually ends in an hour up to several hours. In this method, they get less bleeding, pain, and bruising. The lipomatic method is for the cannula to vibrate to break up fat content painlessly and therefore be suctioned out.

Liposuction surgery

The other way for shaping your body is Liposuction. Liposuction is a technique to remove fat in specific areas by sucking out the fat cells. Before you do Liposuctions you should know that this is not a method for losing weight the doctor just removes all the fat cells from your body, to make your body feel better. This method carries some risks, such as bleeding and a reaction to anesthesia. So before doing liposuctions check out with your doctor to see if it's the best way for you or not.

Which method is more appropriate, Lipomatic or Liposuction?

When you choose to do cosmetic surgeries, you should get a lot of information about everything that you want to do. Before choosing one of these methods, talk with your doctor and tell him or her what you want to do, but you should know that Liposuction is a major event in the field of fitness surgery. But Lipomatic is an advanced version.

What is the difference between Lipomatic and Liposuction?

At first, you should know that both of them uses for body shaping but Comparing liposuction and liposuction, it can be said that the devices of these two methods are different from each other. Both devices use cannula tube technology, but Lipomatics has an air compressor that vibrates and vibrates. So don't risk. Choose the best method that suits your body. Liposuction works best for small organs such as the chin, side of the chest and Lipomatic is better for large organs such as the thighs, flanks, and more.

Is Lipomatic Less Dangerous or Liposuction?

When you are doing some surgeries, you should know that it has some risks but you should know that Iipomatics is a low-risk method for removing accumulated fats and improving cellulite. Lipomatic is best used for draining localized fats. Topical fats can also be removed with various techniques such as liposuction and lipolysis too. The other thing is advantage that lipomatic has over liposuction is that it does not damage the surrounding tissues. When fats are heated and melted, there is a risk of burns, changes in the consistency and skin color of the surrounding tissues. But Lipomatics do not affect the lateral tissues.

Doing some cosmetic surgery is for getting the best results that you need and want. In general, with the lower amount of fat in the body, the health of vital organs will be maintained. For some people, liposuction or lipomatic is a cosmetic procedure, and for others, it is a way to prevent dangerous diseases. Doing these actions changes people's lifestyle and improves it.