A variety of methods for enlarging and highlighting the breasts

For women who are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts, having confidence in different situations and dealing with others can be very difficult. Improving the appearance and shape of the breasts with a breast lift or breast augmentation can have a significant effect on restoring patients' self-confidence and making them feel good about their bodies. For a more natural breast shape, there are many options, such as gel and fat injections or breast prostheses, that can give you the result you want. Iranmedopia can help you to get to know the best doctors to have the best thing that you want.

Breast augmentation surgery and its types

As you know we have different types of surgery for the face and body. Know the types before your breast surgery and then prepare for your beauty changes.

Fat Injection

For patients who choose to have breast augmentation by fat injection, the fat they need is removed from unwanted fat areas such as the buttocks or thighs and injected into the breasts. This is the best way for those who want to increase the size of their breasts to the size of a breast cup, or for patients who have problems with their current breast prosthesis. In this type, we have some advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of fat injection

One of the major benefits of fat injections for breast augmentation is that you can create the desired shape and form by adding fat to specific areas of the breast. It means that you can shape your breast in the way that you like. Also, because this fat is injected into your breasts from your own body, you are less likely to get an infection, and for 90% your body will not reject this fat.

The other thing is it is not possible to puncture or empty the injected adipose tissue. And you don't need any Prosthesis and foreign body in your chest.

Disadvantages of fat injection

this type of surgery has disadvantages too the first thing that you should know is that it can only increase the size of the breast by a second to a cup.

The other thing that makes your work a little hard is that the Fat does not have a specific shape by itself, and this makes limits the shape of the breast. Prostheses have a special shape and therefore it is better to adjust the beauty of the breast for patients after breast prosthesis surgery.

And the last thing about a fat injection is that Fat injections do not change the shape of the breast, correct the sagging or change the location of the nipple (in the case of sagging).

Gel injection

While many patients choose breast implants, gel injections are just as popular. In this part, your job is much easier than in other parts. With this method, in a treatment session that lasts 2 hours, the size and shape of the person's breasts are corrected, without suffering the complications of surgery. This method is a suitable method for people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts but they are also afraid of surgery, and due to excessive weight loss, fat injection is not possible in them.

Benefits of Gel injection

In this method, there are not any minimally invasive procedures without scarring. There is no need for general anesthesia and the recovery period after treatment is short and people are discharged from the clinic immediately after the treatment session. It is possible to create the desired volume by determining the amount of injectable gel. Another advantage of the gel is that the composition of the gel is a natural substance that exists in the body. Therefore, it is highly compatible with body tissue. The gel injection does not interfere with the mammography result of detecting breast cancer.

Disadvantages of Gel injection

There are some disadvantages to this method too. The gels used for breast injections are mainly based on hyaluronic acid. These gels have a shelf life of about 18 months to 2 years. For gel injection we have the risk of infection, however, is low but we have it. And the last thing about gel injection is that the costs are more than fat injections.

Breast prosthesis

The common method for this surgery is a Breast prosthesis. The implantation of breast prosthesis is made of saline (saline) or silicone. The saline prosthesis has an outer shell made of several layers of silicone rubber and filled to the desired size with saline solution. Silicone prostheses are more expensive than saline prostheses but generally look more natural than saline prostheses.

Benefits of Breast Prosthetics

At first, it helps for Highlighting and enlarging the breasts. After that, it Increases self-confidence and physical attractiveness. As you know, it can be Creating balance and beauty in the limbs and the important thing about this method is that it can be Use of breast prosthesis after mastectomy (breast removal)

Disadvantages of Breast prosthesis

In this method, there is a possibility of rupture of the prosthesis after surgery, which is a very rare complication and occurs when there is very strong pressure on the breasts, in which case it is necessary to re-operate and repair the prosthesis.

Another specific complication that may occur after breast prosthesis surgery is the complication of capsule formation around the prosthesis. It attacks, which causes a capsule to form around the breast prosthesis, creating a bad shape in the breast tissue that requires the prosthesis to be repaired.

There is a possibility of infection of the breast prosthesis after surgery, which is a very rare complication, and the probability of its occurrence is very low.

Breast lift or Mastopexy

Mastopexy or breast lift is a surgery in which the sagging of the breasts is removed. The degree of sagging skin and sagging tissue varies from woman to woman and may be very mild, moderate, or severe. Breast lift surgery is usually done by making an incision around the nipple aura and an incision in the lower part of the breast so that the surgeon can remove both the extra tissue and the extra skin of the breasts. This surgery causes the breasts to rise and create a young and beautiful appearance in the breasts.


The reason for doing a breast lift

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Weight fluctuations
  3. Gravity

What is the best, most widely used, and effective method for breast augmentation?

The standard method of breast augmentation is breast prosthesis surgery. This method is more popular than other methods. The important thing is that people should be in good physical condition, not have a specific disease or medical disorder, and more importantly, have reasonable and realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery.


For any procedure, the applicant should be consulted by a specialist and breast surgeon to choose the best type of prosthesis or other methods according to their physical condition. Following the instructions provided by the doctor and following the patient's statements can also accelerate the healing process and help the person get the best results from the surgery.