What are Non-surgical nose jobs (nose fillers)?

A Nose job in Iran is a common way for people who wants to change their nose shapes. But, some people are afraid of having surgery. These people can use nose fillers without any Anesthesia. The most common use of nasal fillers is on the back and sides, and after the filler is injected, the body produces some tissue that fills the irregularities. This is a non-surgical method that aims to correct the shape and beautify the nose. So, let's check about nose fillers Advantages and Disadvantages.


What is a nasal filler?

Nasal filler injection is a type of surgery without anesthesia that will play an important role in the beauty of the nose. The procedure involves injecting a filler, such as hyaluronic acid, under the skin to make temporary changes to the structure of the nose. The effects of nasal filler are visible immediately after treatment and patients can return to normal activities on the same day. If you did rhinoplasty and you don't like it, you can do a revision nose job in Iran. So, this job is going to work for you to have the best nose shape.


Method of injecting filler into the nose and rhinoplasty without surgery

The patient should be in a semi-sitting position on the bed with his head slightly bent back. Blood pressure should be between (110 to 120 degrees) to create a comfortable physical condition for the person. Local anesthesia is rarely necessary, although local anesthesia is helpful if injected near the tip of the nose.


The durability of nasal filler

The filler is used to add volume to the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose, or the roughness in different areas. People who have a large hump on their nose or a nose with acute deformities (fracture abnormality and nasal aberration problems) are more likely to have rhinoplasty because they may need permanent prostheses. For nose job surgery in Iran, you can check the iranmedopia website and get a lot of information about this surgery and get to know the best doctors with the best results. The filler is gently injected into the nose and lasts for about 6 to 18 months when the patient reaches the desired appearance. Because the body naturally metabolizes hyaluronic acid over time, most patients come back for it every 6 to 12 months to keep their noses beautiful.


A suitable candidate for nasal filler injection

  • People who have had rhinoplasty before and have minor problems and want to correct it without surgery, such as roughness or indentation on the surface and tip of the nose.
  • A person with a brief nasal hump can be injected with gel on both sides to create a uniform appearance on the bridge of the nose.
  • To fill the area connecting the nose to the upper lip in the middle line in a person who has this sharp angle.
  • People with fleshy noses are the best candidate to inject gel into the nose to correct its shape and form.

Different types of nose lifts

We have two different types of nose lifts. For each part, you can talk to your doctor to see which method is the best one for you.

  • Nasal lift with gel injection (nasal filler)

In a nose lift, by injecting a gel or nasal filler, fillers are injected into the nose and change its shape. For this reason, we see an increase in the volume of the nose. The durability of the nasal filler depends on two factors: the type of skin and the type of gel used. Each person's skin varies in the speed of gel absorption. If high-durability materials are used and the person's skin is suitable, the lift may be maintained for up to 3 years. Nasal lift with gel is not used to fix basic nasal problems. In fact, with this method, you can only correct some deviations or bumps on the nose.


  • Nose lift with thread

Threaded nose lift is a very new method, which causes natural changes with immediate results. In this method, the nose blade, the tip of the nose, or both can be pulled to flatten the nose. Using this method, partial protrusions on the nasal septum can also be removed. In floss nasal lifts, like gel injections, a local anesthetic is needed. The whole lift takes about 30 minutes. This method usually lasts one to two years and then needs to be repaired. In this method, the doctor uses small threads inside the nose to make it to your liking. In fact, according to the shapes in the nose and the place of treatment, the doctor puts the sutures in the right place and corrects the shape of the nose by pulling and fixing them. The yarns used in this method are different types of sutures and their thickness is 0.12 mm. These threads are absorbed by the body after a while and that is why the results of this method will not be permanent.


  • Lift adhesive

Many people are looking for ways to lift their noses. Nasal lift adhesive is an instant and easy solution to lift the nose. You may also want to have a nice nose at a special party or event. But you should know that this way is just for some hours and it's not useful for a long time.


Benefits of a nose lift

Like all works, this non-surgical nose job has some advantages and disadvantages. At first, let's check the benefits.

  1. It costs less than rhinoplasty: For those who cant afford to pay for the surgery, it is recommended to use a nasal filler injection method.
  2. No age limit: There is no age limit for different nose lift methods. So you can use this method at any age and enjoy the results. Of course, before the operation, be sure to consult a specialist and experienced doctor to get a good result from the lift.
  3. No need for surgery or anesthesia: If you are afraid of surgery or anesthesia, we recommend that you try non-surgical nose lifts. These procedures are usually very painless and have a very short recovery period.
  4. The results are not permanent. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the nose, the problem will disappear after a few months.


Disadvantages of nasal filler

Nasal filler has some disadvantages too that you should know before doing nose filler.

  1. Injection in the wrong place may cause visible bleeding under the skin.
  2. It may cause side effects such as bruising and swelling.
  3. If you are looking for dramatic and permanent changes in your appearance, this method will be disappointing.


The Cost of nasal filler

The cost of nose filler depends on the clinic and the doctor that you choose. Usually, the main factor in this method is the amount of filler required, which is determined according to your desired result. Price range: between nine hundred thousand tomans to one million and eight hundred thousand tomans. Maybe the price become lower or higher. As we said before, it depends on the clinic and the doctor and the type of filler that you choose.

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