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IranMedopia is here as one of the pioneers of Iran medical tours is here to offer you the best medical and cosmetic services to our dear customers from around the world. Iran as one of the hubs of medical tourism with the most qualified cosmetic and medical treatments hosts all patients worldwide. we have gathered the best and most skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons for you to reach your dream face and body at an affordable price. you can also find other facilities like transportation, accommodation, a 24/7 translator and all the services you will need in our packages.

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Transfer and other facilities in IranMedpia packages Your transfer form the airport, hospitals and clinics and your hotel is one of the services we provide in our medical tour packages for you. See more.

Iran Medical Tours in 2021

Iran is one of the pioneers in medical tourism in the world and especially in the middle east. Medical tours in Iran have had great growth in recent years because of the rising demands. Today, there are different medical tour packages offered to tourists who have considered Iran for treatment.

The services offered in medical tour in Iran covers all the patients’ needs. From the first step in their home country to their journey to Iran and back. Even back in history, you can trace the culture of therapeutic journeys to Iran. It’s only logical to say that Medical tourism in Iran is not a new thing.

Given these points, Iran has set its goal to use this potential and establish its name as a medical tourism center. Accordingly, the goal is to exceed its yearly medical travelers to around 2 million in March 2025-March 2026.

Medical tours in Iran are growing rapidly for many reasons. Even during the covid-19 pandemic, people still prefer to travel to Iran for Iran medical tours. Many cities in Iran hosts patients from around the world like Tehran, Shiraz, and Mashhad.

Iran medical tours

Best Iran Medical Tours with IranMedopia

Today, booking the right Iran Medical tours has become a time-consuming and painful process. Which tour operator is qualified? What’s the right medical tour price? When you pay an upfront deposit to an unknown tour operator, is your money safe? Are the reviews seen on a local operator's website genuine?


Iran medical tours

Iran used to have many academic centers like Jundishapur University (3rd century AD), where scientists from other countries would gather. People used to travel to Iran for treatment or to get advice for medical situations in their country. In some cases, even Iranian doctors would travel to other countries; Nowadays, more and more people are looking forward to doing their medical tour in Iran.

Why Medical tour in Iran?

In summary, the reasons are Iran’s experienced surgeons, high-quality medical tours with the lowest prices, along with other historical and natural attractions; All these have all contributed to Iran becoming the center of medical tourism in the middle east.

Iran’s Experienced Doctors

Iran always boasts its surgeons and medical advancements. And it's not even a new thing, way back in history up until now. Iranians have played a huge part in medical advances. These advances are just less heard of these days, but with the rise of medical tourism in Iran. It's getting more credit than before. People are finding out about Iran’s experienced heart surgeons, skilled plastic surgeons, and high-tech hospitals, and maybe you are one of them too.

Cost-Effective Medical services in Iran

Healthcare costs are rising globally, and we all have gone through an experience in which we felt we just couldn’t afford the cost any longer. But medical tours in Iran are really cheap. Iran's currency is much lower than most currencies in the world. (Compare Rial to Your Currency). As a result, hospitals and doctors in Iran are willing to offer you the same health treatments at much lower prices. It's cheaper even when you add up other expenses, including the ticket prices, medication, and accommodation, all included in our Iran medical tours.

Iran’s Attractions

If you don’t know already, googling Iran Attractions or checking out the natural and historical attractions of Iran section in our blog. You will find out about Iran’s massive touristic potentials. With more than 23 UNESCO World heritage sites and mind-blowing untouched nature. Iran is on the Bucket list of so many Travel Enthusiasts. Suppose you are not in a critical condition, for example, if you are vising Iran for plastic surgery. I would strongly suggest booking one of our Iran tours and enjoying Iran a few days before your surgery.

Process of Medical tour services with IranMedopia

Step 1: Fill out your Iran medical tours request form.
Step 2: Our consultants will contact you in 1-2 days to discuss your request, expectations, medical background, and more.
Step 3: Through the follow-up calls from your consultant, we will receive the full information about your condition needed by your doctor.
Step 4: Doctor checks the submitted information of patients.
Step 5: You will receive full information, including your treatment duration, recovery time, treatment plan, and a video conference with your doctor if needed.
Step 6: the procedures like booking hotels, hospitals, and clinics will be taken care of according to your demands.
Step 7: Prepare to Travel. We will be by your side through your visa process, plane tickets, accommodation.
Step 8: Upon your arrival in Iran: you will have an assistant and translator to help through all your problems, checking in the hotel, your visits to the doctor before surgery, and post-recovery.
Step 9: Departure: we will be your bridge to stay connected with your doctor in Iran

Why is IranMedopia One of the Best medical tour companies in Iran?

Today, we are confident to say that we are among the best medical tours in Iran.
We have entered the business with a comprehensive plan to “Cover All” and have thought of any and every demand our customers might have and have covered it in our services.

We have been in the business long enough to have learned about the ups and downs of running a medical tour company; By choosing us, you will have everything you ask for and more with top world-class services.

We understand the responsibilities and hold ourselves accountable in all situations regarding our services; Thanks to our experienced team, we can handle any situation and assure our customers that they do not need to worry about one thing.
Because IranMedopia medical Tour agency handles all.

We are known to our customers for our friendly, supportive, and responsive behavior. Contact us and see for yourself.

Medical Tour FAQ

How much does a nose surgery costs in Iran?

Rhinoplasty cost starts from 1285$ in Iran.

How many days should I stay in Iran for my surgery?

The time of your stay can vary depending on the requested surgery and your condition, and you should be consulted with your doctor.

Will IranMedopia take care of my medical Visa?

We are an all-inclusive service and provide you with all your demands through your procedure. We cover your visa process, tickets, accommodation, and more.

How about my accommodation and transfer, are these included in Medical Tour packages?

We understand how stressful even eating can be when you are thinking about visiting a doctor regarding a problem, let alone in another country, going under surgery. We are here to help you feel better in the process and after it. We will offer both accommodation and transfer, your doctor visit. We will buy your medication for you and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Does Iran have a Good healthcare System?

Iran has been ranked among the top 30th healthcare systems in the world. And besides, the country has been investing in medical tourism in Iran, mostly in cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Mashhad.
Iran has world-famous doctors in eye surgery, heart diseases, and fertility treatments.
Also, hospitals in Iran offer world-class treatment services.

Why is the medical cost in Iran low?

The low cost of medical and cosmetic services in Iran is because of the difference between Iranian currency (Rial) and dollar and Euros. So, this makes Iran a cheap destination for medical tours with high-quality services.