Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Iran

Cosmetic dentistry in Iran with IranMedopia for our dear customers who want to have a more beautiful smile. Many patients from around the world tend to do their dentistry in Iran in recent years. High-quality services and reasonable prices make some citizens of different countries choose dentistry Iran services. The quality of dental treatments in Iran is comparable to the most advanced countries in the world. But in Iran, with us, you can have these services cheaper than in other countries in the world with the same quality. The knowledge and experience of Iranian dentists make Iran one of the popular destinations for dental care works.

Dentistry cost in Iran Packages

Hollywood smile packages in Iran
Hollywood smile packages in Iran

1 tooth 95$

12 tooth 1100$

14 tooth 1310$

16 tooth 1490$

Bleaching and veneers with the best material to have a smile like Hollywood actors.

dental implants packages in Iran​
dental implants packages in Iran​

Korean-made Implants 321$

French-made Implants 436$

Swiss-made Implants 478$

American-made Implants 569$

dental implants with the most qualified materials. prices are added per tooth for you.

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Dentistry Iran; the importance of teeth

The mouth and its constituent parts are one of the most important components of the face. And are the most important part of the body in human social relationships. Speaking can be the most important means of communication for humans. And obviously, teeth play a significant role. Also, the beautiful smile that adorns each person’s face owes to the same beautiful teeth. Proper oral hygiene is essential for the general health of the body.

Bleaching or tooth whitening is a treatment for removing darkness and pigmentation. that develops over time due to pigments such as tea, coffee, strawberries, and even tomatoes. Increasing your age and eating habits, and daily habits like smoking, eating colored drinks, and spices can also change the color of your teeth. Bleaching also removes some of the genetic strains and improves the appearance of teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Iran with IranMedopia

Cosmetic dentistry in Iran includes various services that IranMedopia provides in the best clinics by professional dentists for you. To maintain healthy teeth, you can receive the best specialized dental services in Iran. In this case, you can be sure that your teeth will be healthy for a long time.

Here are some of the cosmetic dentistry in Iran services that IranMedopia dentists provide:

  • Orthodontic
  • Tooth scaling
  • implant
  • Laminate
  • Bleaching
  • Hollywood smile design

A dental implant as a dentistry cosmetic in Iran is a type of titanium screw. That is implanted in the jawbone and replaces the missing tooth. Dental implants are used as a permanent replacement for one or more missing teeth after the dentist inserts the implant into the jawbone by bone-forming bone cells at the implant surface.

The jawbone is welded to the implant, which can take up to 5 months. Then the crown and tooth part. Made and mounted on the base to give the teeth a beautiful and natural look.

What cosmetic dentistry in Iran services do we offer?

IranMedopia is proud to offer various dental treatments in Iran, including cosmetic services such as smile correction, composite and laminate, or dentistry medical services in Iran such as scaling, repair, all kinds of gum and jaw surgeries, and other services you need at clinics and hospitals.

Cosmetic dentistry in Iran is one of the tours that we provide in the cities of Iran. These tours are usually less than a week, and you can have dental treatments in Iran in 3-4 days and then back to your country with a beautiful and bright smile.

Why should you choose dentistry in Iran?

Cosmetic dentistry in Iran is one of the most requested medical services performed with high-quality materials and in high technique clinics for domestic people. Iranian dentists are known as the most skilled and experienced ones in the world.

Composite veneer and laminate cosmetic dentistry in Iran

Modifying a smile design, also known as Hollywood smile, as a dentistry cosmetic in Iran. And smile design is the appearance of teeth and gums in a beautiful condition that creates a special charm on a person’s face. During correcting a smile design, keep in mind that this procedure is not only for broken, timely, or irregular teeth.

But also for those with healthy teeth can achieve a better and more beautiful smile. And, of course, make a positive difference. In other words, modifying a smile design involves a comprehensive assessment of the look and enhancement of your smile. A professional cosmetic dentist knows how to make a beautiful smile for you. It is therefore imperative to see a good dentist.

Why dentistry in Iran?

Services related to dentistry problems have always been one of the most popular treatments among medical tourists. According to statistics, many tourists travel to other countries for cosmetic dentistry services.

Despite its great potential in the field of medical tourism services, Iran has always been able to attract many tourists for cosmetic dentistry in Iran; Because Iran has many capabilities in the field of health tourism, such as;

Best dentist in Tehran, Iran

Most of the tourists who want to come to Iran for cosmetic dentistry in Iran are looking for the best dentist in Tehran, Iran. IranMedopia is honored to introduce you to the most skilled and experienced dentists in Iran. so you can have your dentistry in Iran with peace of mind and have the best result.

How can we use dentistry in Iran services?

for cosmetic dentistry in Iran services, you should first book your package in Iran. our dentists in Iran offer all the cosmetic and medical services and treatments in Iran for our patients. you must have a consultation with your dentist to see which dentistry in Iran services you need.

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cosmetic dentistry in Iran faq

Is it harmful to bleach our teeth during pregnancy?

It is highly recommended to postpone tooth whitening procedures after pregnancy because in bleaching, like all teeth whitening procedures, dentists use chemical whitening agents, which may endanger breast milk health.

How many composites do I need to modify my Hollywood smile?

As you know, each composite unit covers one of your teeth. So, the dentist needs to examine your teeth, and then you can decide how many composites you need to correct your smile design.

How should I know that I need dental composites?

If you have gaps between teeth, discolored teeth, irregular teeth, or short teeth, you can think of using this dentistry cosmetic in Iran.

Do dental veneers ruin my teeth?

Simply put, the answer is no. dental veneers don't ruin your teeth. In fact, dental veneers are designed to fit over your teeth. They enhance the natural beauty of your teeth.

How much does dentistry cost in Iran?

Cosmetic dentistry costs about 91$ to 320$ per tooth. It depends on that you choose Hollywood smile packages or dental implants packages. Other services have different prices. Contact us for more information.

Is a dental implant painful?

However, the discomfort and pain vary from person to person, but almost all patients agree that the pain of dental implant surgery is even less than a tooth extraction.