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Breast Augmentation Packages

Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation

Economy Package 2690$

Compact Package 2890$

Comfort Package 2995$

Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction

Economy Package 2450$

Compact Package 2650$

Comfort Package 2850$

Breast Lift
Breast Lift

Economy Package 2455$

Compact Package 2655$

Comfort Package 2895$

Our Best Doctors and Surgeons

Our Best Doctors and Surgeons

Breast Augmentation in Iran Cost

The cost of breast augmentation in Iran depends on things like the surgeon's experience and background, the type of surgery performed, and the geographical location, and can include the following:

  • The cost of anesthesia
  • Hospital and surgical equipment
  • Medical tests
  • Prescribed drugs
  • Surgeon's salary

Preoperative Counseling for Breast Augmentation in Iran

During counseling sessions, your doctor will review the following:

  • Purpose and reason of surgery
  • Medical conditions, any drug allergies, and medical treatments
  • Take any medication, herbal supplements, vitamins, or alcohol
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Check for tests such as mammography or biopsy
  • Some other procedures that are performed in these sessions and before surgery are:
  • Evaluation and evaluation of the patient's physical condition and health
  • Examine the breasts for size, quality of the skin, as well as the location of the nipple and the brown halo around it.
  • Talk about surgery results or possible risks and complications

Preoperative counseling is a good time for the patient to discuss all their questions with their doctor. Patients usually have stressed before breast augmentation in Iran, and attending counseling sessions can reduce their stress levels.

Types of breast augmentation in Iran 

Increase breast size with the breast implant in Iran

Breast implant in Iran is one of the methods of cosmetic breast augmentation in Iran in which the breast surgeon implants a silicone or saline prosthesis in small breasts. There are different types and shapes of prostheses that the surgeon examines during the pre-surgery consultation with the patient to examine the physical condition, size, and position of her breasts.

Then, according to his knowledge and the patient's condition, he determines the type of prosthesis. Breast prosthesis surgery is performed by making a small incision under the breasts in the desired area.

Mammoplasty in Iran or breast reduction in Iran

The sagging and excessive size of the breasts causes many problems for women. These problems include pain in the neck, shoulders, and sweating of the skin under the breasts. By referring to a good breast cosmetic surgeon, these patients can share their problems with their doctor so that he can help them reach the desired size.

In this surgery, the desired volume of adipose tissue of the breasts is removed by incisions made by appropriate patterns created by the breast surgeon on the breasts, and the nipple is pulled upwards.

Breast lift in Iran or mastopexy in Iran

For breasts that have become loose due to various factors such as pregnancy, lactation, aging, and their appearance has changed, they can be moved to a higher position by performing breast lift surgery. In this breast augmentation in Iran, various incisions are made, which are selected according to the doctor. After selecting the type of incision, the surgeon removes the extra breast tissue and transfers it to the upper parts of the breast. In this surgery, an incision is made around the areola of the breast and after the necessary changes, it is sutured.

Breast lift surgery does not change the size of the breasts. Because only the extra breast tissue is reduced and the breasts come out of the sagging position.

What are the benefits of breast augmentation in Iran?

Who can have breast augmentation in Iran?

breast augmentation in Iran is a personal decision and should not be done based on the tastes and desires of others. This surgery has a high success rate. Ladies who:

Questions and information patients should ask their plastic surgeon before surgery

Types of breast implants in Iran

Saline prostheses

These types of breast implants in Iran are full of saltwater. If the fluid inside the prosthesis leaks out, it will be naturally absorbed by the body. These prostheses give the breast a one-handed shape and are mainly used for patients under the age of eighteen.

Silicone prostheses

Silicone prostheses are filled with silicone gel and are similar in texture to breast tissue. If the prosthesis leaks, the gel will remain inside the prosthesis. This type of prosthesis is mainly recommended for people over 22 years old. If you choose this type of prosthesis, be sure to have regular visits to the doctor in your schedule to ensure the good performance of the prosthesis.

Safety and risks of breast augmentation in Iran

Before performing breast augmentation surgery, the patient is asked to do the following:

Choose the best surgeon with IranMedopia

One of the important points before breast prosthesis surgery is to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon in this field. The surgery you choose should:

The process of breast augmentation surgery in Iran

One of the important points before breast prosthesis surgery is to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon in this field. 

The process of breast implant in Iran

Breast augmentation surgery is performed during the following steps:

The first stage - anesthesia

Before surgery, Medications are given to keep the patient calm, which can be by anesthesia or intravenous injection, and your doctor will consider the best option for you.

Second stage - surgical incision

Incisions are made in areas that are not clear. It is up to the surgeon to choose the type and location of the incision. Cuts can be made in the following areas: Round brown halo Wrinkles under the breasts Armpit The location of the incision depends on the type of prosthesis and the anatomy of the patient's body.

Step 3 - Insert the prostheses

After the incision is made, the prosthesis will be placed under the muscles of the pectoralis major muscle or behind the breast tissue.

Step 4 - Suture the incisions

Finally, the incisions will be closed in several layers of sutures and the skin will be closed with sutures or surgical adhesive. The stitches fade over time.

Step 5 - View Results

The results of a breast prosthesis are felt immediately after surgery.

The recovery period for breast augmentation in Iran

Breast Augmentation in Iran FAQ

Is it necessary to use a special bra after breast augmentation?

Yes, you should use a special bra immediately after surgery for up to 8 weeks after that, and you should use this bra every 8 weeks when exercise and heavy physical activity are completed.

Can the patient determine the size of the prosthesis?

In the past, it was up to the patient to determine the size of the breast prosthesis. This mismatch caused problems and complications for that person. But in modern methods, although the patient's wishes are taken into account, the main criterion is to measure the size of the breast and determine the appropriate volume of the breast prosthesis based on the anatomy of the breast.

Can breast augmentation surgery lead to complications?

Any surgery, including breast augmentation, can have side effects, but it is important to note that the chances of complications in breast augmentation surgery are rare and less experienced by the skilled doctors.

Does breast augmentation cause breast cancer?

No. However, in people who have a long-term breast prosthesis (more than 10 to 15 years), a rare complication called ALCL may occur. Of course, we have not reported this in Iran.

Does breast augmentation surgery prevent breastfeeding?

Breast augmentation surgery doesn't prevent breastfeeding, but it is recommended that the breast prosthesis be placed under the muscular wall of the chest so that there is no problem in breastfeeding the baby in the future.

Is breast augmentation a permanent operation?

No, some factors such as old age, sagging skin, increase or decrease in body size may need to be changed.