Brazilian Butt Lift in Iran - BBL in Iran

Brazilian butt lift is a famous surgery for patients around the world who aren't satisfied with the appearance and shape or size of their buttocks. with bbl in Iran, the surgeons can improve the shape of their buttocks with butt lift surgery. This plastic surgery in Iran is an ideal way for people who have lost some weight and feel like their limbs have become deformed or just want to improve the appearance of their buttocks or make them bigger. we gathered the best surgeons in our company so you can have this operation with the most skilled and experienced ones with guaranteed results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Packages

Fat Injection
Fat Injection

Economy Package 2895$

Compact Package 2995$

Comfort Package 3195$

Butt Implant
Butt Implant

Economy Package 4795$

Compact Package 4995$

Comfort Package 5285$

Abdominoplasty + BBL
Abdominoplasty + BBL

Economy Package 3695$

Compact Package 3895$

Comfort Package 3995$

Our Best Doctors and Surgeons

Our Best Doctors and Surgeons

Is the Brazilian butt lift in Iran suitable for you?

The Brazilian butt lift method is suitable for those who:

  • They want to increase the volume in their butt. Patients who want to remove excess tissue from their buttocks may prefer the body shaping methods.
  • They have tried to tighten and increase the shape and size of their butt with the help of exercise and nutrition. Bbl in Iran is a serious approach, so it should only be performed on patients who cannot achieve the desired results in other ways.
  • Other parts of the body have excess fat that the surgeon can remove and cleanse through liposuction to use in a Brazilian butt lift surgery in Iran. These fat deposits should be as easily accessible as the fallen and lose fat around your waist. Since the fat needs to be cleaned, you usually need to provide three to four times the amount of fat you intend to inject. If you have excess fat, you may need to gain weight before surgery or look for an alternative.
  • They do not suffer from peeling and excess.
  • They have the right body shape to lift their butt. Your surgeon can help you decide if adding volume to your buttocks will suit your appearance.

The advantages of Brazilian butt lift surgery in Iran

Brazilian butt lift in Iran is one of the most popular surgeries for several reasons. The advantages of bbl in Iran are:

  • A more natural appearance and reduced risk of intolerance to implants or fillers that can also be used to lift the buttocks.
  • At the same time as removing harmful fats from other parts of the body and buttocks, they puff up the person. Many patients use liposuction to remove belly fat to make it look more like an hourglass.
  • The bbl in Iran is less invasive than butt implants, which makes recovery easier and shorter.

Different methods of butt lift surgery in Iran

There are two major types of butt lift surgery. In traditional surgery, the surgeon lifts a person's buttocks to make them look lighter and younger by removing excess skin, fat, and tissue, pulling and tightening the skin, and repositioning it. A less invasive Brazilian butt lift in Iran requires only very small incisions and fat injections.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, so the method you choose depends on your unique wants and needs. The decision to perform any type of surgery should be carefully considered. Your doctor can help you decide which method is right for you. The doctor discusses the patient's goals for the surgery and decides whether other factors prevent a butt lift.

Who is a suitable candidate for Brazilian butt lift surgery?

Many patients want to improve their shape and increase their confidence with the help of bbl in Iran, but you must have certain criteria to be eligible for this surgery. In general, to be a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift surgery, you should:

The advantages of Brazilian butt lift in Iran

Brazilian butt lift in Iran is the newest and most innovative butt lift in Iran technique that is completely painless. This method is very effective and causes the hip lift to work in three dimensions.

Step 1

Shaping the body In the first step, the fat-dissolving substance is injected in the desired areas, ie inside the groin, outside the groin, above the buttocks, and sides. It is a mixture composed entirely of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate (or PPC and DC for short), which eliminates problematic fat cells, cellulite, and excess fat deposits in these areas for the bbl in Iran.

Step 2

Stretching the skin, a strong radiofrequency device is used to improve the elasticity of the skin and to eliminate the sagging and sagging of the skin of the buttocks and the inner and outer parts of the upper thigh in the butt lift surgery in Iran.

Step 3

3D lift (thread lift) Lifting threads are used for a Brazilian butt lift in Iran. In certain areas of the buttocks, these strong, hypoallergenic, absorbable sutures are sutured and pulled up. After a few days to a few weeks, these fibers are completely absorbed by the body and are replaced by the body's natural collagen and fibroblasts. Thread lift is one of the most innovative techniques for lifting and strengthening the loose tissues of the face and body. The latest yarn lift technique involves the use of very thin, sterile, meso-absorbable PDO threats.

Pre-operative Brazilian butt lift care

Your doctor will teach you preoperative instructions at the initial consultation or when an appointment is scheduled for surgery. In general, you should work to ensure that you are in a good health position and good condition. You also need to plan to make your recovery easier. Before performing the surgery, you should observe the following:

What is Brazilian butt lift surgery in Iran?

The Brazilian butt lift in Iran increases the size and shape of the patient's buttocks so that it fits better with his limbs and brings a prominent and attractive buttock to the patient. This type of butt lift surgery in Iran is very popular, because in this method, with the use of small incisions, a shapely butt can be provided for patients.

for Brazilian butt lifts in Iran, fat is removed from parts of the body such as the back, abdomen, buttocks, hip, and thighs through liposuction. During this surgery, the surgeon makes small incisions in the excess fat and inserts small tubes into it.

It is then used by hand movements, vibrations, ultrasonic waves, air blasts, or even lasers to destroy fat deposits before gentle aspiration. Liposuction usually requires only local anesthesia, but your doctor may recommend general anesthesia or sedation if you want to remove fat, excess weight, or have surgical stress.

After removing the excess fat, the fat cells are purified using a centrifuge, using only the best tissue for injection into the buttocks with small cannulas (tubes) at different depths to give it a natural shape and feel. Although the depth and number of injections depend on the surgeon's specific techniques and the patient's desired outcomes, in general, a larger number of smaller injections will give the buttocks a more realistic appearance.

This stage of surgery usually requires local anesthesia but can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation if needed. The result of this method is a rounder and fuller buttock that has a natural appearance because in this method, unlike butt implants and artificial fillers, the patient's tissues are used. This surgery usually takes about two hours.

Brazilian butt lift surgery recovery period

After bbl surgery in Iran, your skin and tissue should be treated properly to bring you beautiful results. You need to make appointments with your surgeon and use his or her guidance to maintain your buttocks. Take some time to enjoy the fruitful results of the operation.

You may feel numbness and dizziness immediately after a Brazilian butt lift in Iran, especially if you have used sedation or general anesthesia during surgery. Your buttocks will most likely become swollen and bruised after surgery. Before leaving the doctor's office, it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

Results of Brazilian butt lift surgery

Brazilian butt lift in Iran results may vary from patient to patient. Usually, after this surgery patients with buttocks will be more in shape, fitter, and younger. In bbl in Iran, unwanted fats are removed from other parts of the body to fill their buttocks and hip muscles and make them look more curved.

In the Brazilian butt lift in Iran, the buttocks are given volume to have a younger and more attractive appearance. If you do not experience a lot of weight fluctuations, the results of both methods can last for years.

our surgeon will discuss the risks of Brazilian butt lift surgery and how to use it in your particular situation at your first consultation. Understanding your dangers can help you minimize them as you prepare for recovery so you can enjoy the new shape of your hips.

How much does bbl in Iran cost?

Many patients who undergo bbl surgery in Iran view it as an investment in appearance and boosting self-confidence. The cost of a Brazilian butt lift in Iran depends on the following:

Your doctor will help reduce the specific costs of hip lift surgery in the first consultation session.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ

What is the difference between a butt lift and a Brazilian butt lift?

Butt lift is a method in which, by changing the shape and size of the buttocks, they make it appear more prominent and younger in appearance. BBL is a method in which fat is removed from an area of your body and injected into the buttocks and fat is injected instead of silicone implants to shape and lift the buttocks.

Do I have to have a specific BMI to be a BBL candidate?

BMI is acceptable in the weight range between healthy and slightly overweight. If you are underweight, you probably do not have enough fat to inject into your buttocks, and if you are obese or overweight, surgery may be very dangerous to your health.

How long does a BBL surgery in Iran take?

Brazilian butt lift surgery takes between 4 to 8 hours.

Does a BBL surgery give me an hourglass body?

Because your surgeon will most likely remove fat from your midsection and thighs, you will find that these areas look thinner after liposuction. You will look a little thinner in the middle of your body, but you will have rounder and bigger buttocks and it will look much like an hourglass.

Can Brazilian butt lift make cellulite worse?

Brazilian butt lift usually improve the appearance of cellulite instead of making it worse. Because the injected fat fills the dimples and makes them smoother and firmer.

Where are the scars of BBL?

The incisions made for the Brazilian butt lift are so small that they are difficult to detect.