Face Lift in Iran - Botox in Iran

facelift in Iran is one of the cosmetic services that we offer to our dear customers worldwide that desire to have a younger top body rounder. for this plastic surgery in Iran, we have gathered all the best and most skilled doctors and surgeons to give you a gift of youth. as you get older, the witnessed skin problems may happen to you too. so you can use facelift surgery or other methods like botox to have more beautiful and fresh skin. after this surgery, you won't see any signs of wrinkles around your eyes, cheeks, mouth, forehead, and jaw.

Facelift in Iran Packages

Facelift (Rhytidectomy)
Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Economy Package 695$

Compact Package 1125$

Comfort Package 1550$

Face Fillers
Face Fillers

Economy Package 100$ (1cc)

Compact Package 195$ (1cc)

Comfort Package 310$ (1cc)

Face Botox
Face Botox

Economy Package 95$

Compact Package 165$

Comfort Package 215$

Our Best Doctors and Surgeons

Our Best Doctors and Surgeons

What are the benefits of the facelift in Iran?

One of the main benefits of the facelift in Iran is that you can clearly feel that your skin is fresher and you will have firmer skin. As your facial skin becomes more beautiful, you will have more confidence and enjoy a younger and more radiant face.

In addition, facelift surgery in Iran has the following benefits:

  • Wrinkles on your face disappear completely.
  • Even the wrinkles around your skin, such as the neck, under the chin, etc., disappear.
  • The effects of the sun and wind on your skin are less.
  • The results of the operation are permanent and your face will not return to its previous state.
  • By doing this, your face will be at least 10 years younger.
  • Wounds caused by cutting skin pieces and performing lifting surgery are difficult to see and completely disappear over time.

Recovery after the facelift in Iran

If you want to recover faster and see the positive results of this operation, you must follow the postoperative care tips properly.

You need to take good care of your skin in the first few weeks after surgery. Remember that after surgery, you will notice differences; But you will see the results after the first month.

For fast postoperative recovery, you should do the following:

The first week

The most difficult stage after a facelift is that patients experience discomfort and pain and have to cope with pain, swelling, and bruising of the face. In the first week after surgery, your doctor will advise you to rest in bed and take painkillers.

The second week

In the second week, the bandages on the face are removed and the patient feels comfortable and healed. At this time, you should apply topical ointments to your face. During this time, the swelling and bruising of the face will be much less. Having a healthy diet is very important during this time. Your doctor will also encourage you to walk; Because it increases blood circulation and prevents blood clots.

The Third Week

3 weeks after surgery, your skin will be examined by a surgeon so that the doctor can remove the skin sutures. At this time, you will see that your skin is much better and you can do normal activities such as work, exercise, and...

The fourth Week and beyond

Your recovery is complete and your body has successfully accepted the surgery. After the operation, your face becomes younger and you can see your face become more beautiful. Swelling and bruising of the skin also disappear completely. From now on, rest assured that you have a younger face.

Facts you need to know about facelift in Iran

Who is a good candidate for facelift surgery in Iran?

Facelift in Iran and also lifting the skin is not a sensitive method, But the client must have the conditions to do so; Because this plastic surgery isn't suitable for every person. for facelift surgery in Iran, you must have the following conditions:

Why facelift surgery in Iran?

Clients should know that facelift in Iran is not a cure; It is just plastic surgery. As your skin tightens, your self-confidence will increase and your appearance will become more beautiful; Because your skin becomes firmer and wrinkles disappear.

Most people who go for a facelift are between 40 and 70 years old, although this facelift is also performed on younger people. The main goals of the lifting operation are:

Facelift in Iran techniques

There are two types of invasive and non-invasive methods that surgeons use to lift and tighten facial skin. The surgeon carefully examines what method should is best for each person's skin type.

Non-invasive facelift in Iran

The non-invasive method means that you won't need any surgery. If your surgeon determines that your skin doesn't need surgery, using injections or fillers will eliminate your skin problems. In the non-invasive method, your skin is well cleansed and irritated and looks younger. The surgeons use this method if your skin only has wrinkles.

Facelift in Iran with the invasive method

If your skin is loose, you have a lot of excess fat or you have deep wrinkles, you should use an invasive facelift in Iran to rejuvenate your skin. In the invasive method, parts of your skin are cut to operate. In this method, the surgeon makes incisions in places such as the upper forehead, under the jaw, behind the ear, below the chin.

Most incisions are made inside the hairline. The specialist surgeon cleans your skin after the incision. In this way, the extra and wrinkled parts of the skin loosen from the place of its growth and pull it back from the place of the ear. This is why incisions are usually made in the ear area. In the invasive method, sedatives and tonics are also injected into the skin.

This tightens the underlying muscles of your face. Your skin's fat and impurities are invasively removed and skin cells are regenerated. After your skin tissue is cleansed and firm, you will see that your skin wrinkles disappear.

Important points to know before facelift in Iran

Knowing these simple rules will make facelift surgery more effective for you and you will recover faster:

How is facelift surgery in Iran?

facelift in Iran is an outpatient surgery that begins with local anesthesia. The surgeon first injects a sedative and anesthetic into your skin to numb them. Of course, some surgeons use general anesthesia; Because the amount of relaxation of the facial muscles is more in the state of general anesthesia.

Surgery time varies between 2 and 6 hours. It depends on the number of wrinkles and fat on your skin. Depending on the type of skin and the number of facial wrinkles, the surgeon can perform the rhytidectomy surgery in Iran on the whole face or part of your face.

For example, for people who have only wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, the operation is performed for them from the hairline to the ears; But if the person has wrinkles in other parts such as around his mouth and cheeks, the operation should be done on his whole face.

In facelift surgery in Iran, your face will be segmented and incisions on the skin will be made very carefully. After the incision is made, dead and wrinkled skin cells are removed along with the fat, which eliminates the wrinkles on your face. After the surgery, the cosmetologist closes the incisions made on your skin with small stitches. These stitches are very small and after complete recovery, no trace of them will remain on your face.

Botox in Iran

According to global statistics, Botox injections are the most popular way to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate wrinkles. The history of using Botox in medical science belongs to more than 50 years ago, But it has been used for fading skin lines for 15 years.

Botox in Iran is more commonly known as an injectable product for the treatment of wrinkles and facial lines. In general, the uses of Botox can be divided into two categories: cosmetic and therapeutic.

Cosmetic purposes

Therapeutic purposes

Facelift in Iran FAQ

At what age is facelift surgery best performed?

The best candidates for facelift surgery are those who are over 35 years old and have sagging facial skin.

What technique is used in facelift surgery in Iran?

In facelift surgery, incisions are usually made in the skin, muscles and scalp to remove sagging and sagging facial skin to lift the skin upwards.

Do you need special care before a facelift?

No. no special care is required before the facelift, but after the facelift surgery, individuals must take special care of themselves.

When do the real results of facelift appear?

You may notice changes in your face immediately after surgery, although you will experience bruising and swelling during the first two weeks. From the second and third months onwards, the face returns to its normal state. This method lasts up to ten years.

How much does a face lift cost in Iran?

The cost depends on several factors. Depending on the skin and the amount of wrinkles and the duration of surgery, there are different costs for each patient.

How can we make sure we need a facelift surgery?

When the daily diet, the use of various creams and serums, all treatment options except surgery, the skin does not change, it is time to use a face lift.