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weight loss surgery in Iran at the most affordable price is offered by IranMedopia for our dear customers from around the world. with the most skilled and experienced surgeons, we guarantee our services for you to reach your dream body. there are many obesity surgery in Iran methods that can make you slimmer and more beautiful. we are here to help you in this way with the newest and safest methods in the most qualified hospitals in the main medical cities with the most reasonable prices. read more and book your package right now to begin your journey with us.

all about obesity surgery in Iran

weight loss surgery in Iran is something we hear a lot these days. Undoubtedly, weight gain is one of the most important and serious factors for the occurrence of dangerous diseases. Some of them are even fatal, such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, breast cancer, colon cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. Obesity leads to other diseases and has a significant impact on patients’ quality of life. Because of weight gain, a person cannot move and activity and may suffer from depression. Based on the above, it is effortless to understand why obese patients today are looking for a way to lose weight.

Weight loss surgery in iran packages

Gastric Sleeve in Iran
Gastric Sleeve in Iran
Surgery 2890$
Economy 3185$
Compact 3285$
Comfort 3395$

in gastric sleeve surgery, surgeons remove part of your stomach and make it smaller.

Gastric Bypass in Iran
Gastric Bypass in Iran
Surgery 2990$
Economy 3295$
Compact 3445$
Comfort 3595$

in gastric bypass, the surgeon makes small intestine to change the way of digest.

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Quick Information

Title Detail
Cost 3000$ - 3700$
Duration of Operation 1 - 3 hours
Hospital Stay 2 - 3 days
Minimum Stay in Iran 7 - 10 days
Back to Work 1 - 2 weeks
Anesthesia General

Types of weight loss surgeries in Iran

weight loss surgery in Iran is the best solution that comes to everybody's mind when they want to become slimmer asap. Sometimes exercise and diets will take more than years to give you the result you always dream of. And sometimes some people can't stay on long diets because of many medical reasons. Obesity surgery in Iran is a way to reach your dream body in the shortest time without any hard diets and heavy exercise. We will talk about the different types of weight loss surgeries in Iran that are performed here at the best price.

In one type of weight loss surgery in Iran, the surgeon cuts the first part of your stomach and the tube that carries the food into the stomach. It is instead of the stomach directly feeds into your small intestine. This will eliminate the amount of food stored in your stomach and make you eat more and less satiated.

However, in addition to not feeling hungry, it also disrupts food absorption. Complications of this type of operation include poor nutrition or malnutrition. Also lack absorption of vitamins. Abnormal vitamin B12 and D deficiency. As well as the possibility of dumping syndrome requiring secondary surgery for hernia and gallbladder.

In this surgical procedure for weight loss, an adjustable device closes the upper part of the stomach. This will help your stomach consume less food and reduce your hunger.

Weight loss surgery is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and become slimmer. Each type of this surgery is different, and you and your doctor should choose which one is the best one for you and have the best result for you.

weight loss surgery in iran

Let's lose weight easy and fast

weight loss surgery in iran

In gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, the surgeon reduces the stomach volume by about 15 percent. Therefore, the person feels full faster, and the problem of overeating disappears. After surgery, a person should follow a minimal diet to allow the body to recover and get used to the new size of the stomach. A person undergoing gastric sleeve surgery should eat smaller, more regular meals forever.

This type of weight loss surgery isn’t suitable for everyone because there are many elements that you must have to be accepted for this surgery. The changes in this weight loss surgery in Iran will show month after month, and you can’t expect to lose weight immediately after your surgery.

Bariatric surgery in Iran; 2021 methods

Given that weight loss surgery in Iran is a method of losing excess weight, one of which helps to eliminate stored calories by changes in the way food is digested, the weight loss surgeon must be familiar with all methods of weight loss surgery and the ability Have any of them, currently slimming prevalent surgeries include the following.

According to the rumors about weight loss surgery, slimming surgeries are now very safe and harmless, now slimming surgery methods, unlike in recent years, which were very dangerous due to the use of open and invasive techniques, Laparoscopy, which is the newest method of slimming surgery, is performed.

Weight loss surgery in Iran methods

Slimming surgery in Iran with IranMedopia

Slimming surgery in Iran

weight loss surgery in Iran is currently one of the most popular techniques for overweight. The doctor will determine if the person is suitable for slimming surgery or needs time by consulting a specialist. If you are a good candidate for slimming surgery, you should look for the best doctor.

Because the surgeon is one of the factors that greatly affect the outcome of surgery, in addition to this type of surgery is just as important,

Each slimming surgery has certain advantages and characteristics that the surgeon must choose the best option for the patient according to his condition and needs. By performing the slimming operation, the stomach shrinks, and he feels full very quickly, which causes Going to become an extra weight.

What is liposuction in Iran?

Liposuction in Iran is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific parts of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, or neck. Liposuction is also used to shape these areas. Liposuction is not considered as a way to lose weight overall or as a substitute for weight loss. If you are overweight, it is better to choose other methods of weight loss surgery in Iran.

Is liposuction in Iran is the right way for me?

Diet and exercise burn fat. But there is no way to get rid of excess fat in certain areas. Some parts of the body store fat. When you lose weight through diet and exercise, your body loses fat based on your genetics. As the rest of the body gets thinner, the areas of fat accumulation become clearer. In women, these areas are around the thighs, abdomen, back, and sides. In men, these parts are more on the sides and abdomen. Liposuction works selectively by removing adipose tissue in the desired areas. Sometimes liposuction is the only way to get rid of these problems without losing a lot of weight. If you need to remove fat locally, this weight loss surgery is the right method for you.

Who is a candidate for liposuction in Iran?

If you have unwanted fat in parts of your body that are still in place despite diet and exercise; You are a candidate for liposuction. Candidates for this weight loss surgery in Iran are usually not obese but have accumulated fat in some areas. Patients should have a BMI (body mass index) of less than 35 and preferably less than 30. As BMI increases, the results will not be favorable, and the risk of problems increases. An important point to consider is the condition of the skin. Patients with low skin elasticity or scarring or scarring are not good candidates for this procedure. The surgeons can perform This operation on old or young patients.

What do you know about weight loss surgery in Iran?

Weight loss surgery in Iran helps people to reach their desired weight and body. It also reduces the risk of diseases that are directly and indirectly related to obesity. Slimming surgery helps to lose weight and achieve a healthy body. There are several main methods used for this operation.

Different types of weight loss surgery in Iran

One type of slimming surgery in Iran emptied the fat and the patient's limbs to be sculpted, and in some special cases, it is used to inject fats into other parts of the body. It can be stored and limit the number of calories it consumes.

Another method of weight loss surgery is to store less food by shortening or bypassing part of the small intestine, which reduces the intake of calories and foods that cause weight gain.

The safest methods for weight loss surgery in Iran are the ones that like gastric sleeve and gastric bypass that have the most rate of satisfaction among the patients. IranMedopia can help you to have the consultation with the most professional doctors and surgeons to choose the best method that is suitable for you and your body. 

More about bariatric surgery in Iran

Doctors perform weight loss surgery today using minimally invasive (or laparoscopic) surgical techniques.

The four most common types of gastric surgery for weight loss are:

Studies show that gastric bypass surgery has the highest weight loss, either short or long-term. Like any major surgery, all types of weight loss surgery can pose potential health risks both short and long term.

What are the cost of slimming surgeries in Iran and other countries?

The cost of weight loss surgery in Iran, like rhinoplasty in Iran, is affordable, .and the availability of the best specialist surgeons and reputable hospitals has made Iran a great choice. The cost of weight-loss surgeries such as gastric bypass in Iran is between 16 and 20 million. Insurance companies accept the cost of slimming surgery for people with a high BMI of 35 to 40.

Weight loss surgeries are one of the types of medical bariatric surgery that is recommended to treat obese people. Before comparing costs, we need to know about these types of surgeries.

This type of surgery is a safe and suitable way for people who can exercise or go for a hard diet. Or maybe they don't want to and prefer easier ways. That's when weight loss surgery in Iran will help you to reach your dream body.

Weight loss surgery in Iran allows you to reach your dream body easily and fast and, most importantly, in a safe way. With the growth of technology, the different methods of obesity surgery in Iran and other countries have become safer and more customer satisfaction. So it is a great idea to choose them for getting into the body shape you like. We in IranMedopia offer you the safest ways for slimming surgery in Iran. All you have to do is check them out and book your suitable package.

weight loss surgery in Iran

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Weight Loss Surgery FAQ

What are the Benefits of Slimming Surgery in Iran?

Slimming surgery in Iran has many benefits, including:
– The cost of slimming surgery in Iran is much lower than in other countries of the world.
– In recent years, the skills of Iranian physicians in the tourism industry worldwide have been dominant in many countries.
By losing weight and slimming surgery, patients will lose 50 to 60 percent of their initial weight in just one and a half years.
– Having good results after surgery in Iran will increase one’s self-esteem and make them feel better about themselves.

How does the skill of Iran surgeons affect slimming surgery?

Before deciding on the use of slimming surgery in Iran, you should seek a qualified surgeon specializing in weight loss surgery. According to his expertise and expertise, Iranian physicians recommend the best method of slimming surgery. Based on the patient’s physical condition. Patients and physicians may have different understandings and expectations of proper weight. So patients should benefit from the views and skills of Iranian physicians in achieving the correct weight.

What is post-slim care like gastric bypass?

It is important to know that post-operative care for obesity is typically the same.
Be sure to rest for the first few days after surgery.
– In the early postoperative days, drink fluids and start eating light foods gradually.
– Get and follow a proper diet plan with the advice of a nutritionist so you can keep your weight at the right level.
Patients undergoing weight loss under the supervision of a physician report up to 2 times more than normal people. Who has been successful in weight loss?
– Note that the stomach is enlarged, and it is important to control obesity by controlling your eating habits under the supervision of your doctor.

What kind of slimming services do we offer?

There are currently two primary weight loss (or bariatric) surgeries being performed across Iran. They are gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. All of these surgeries have pros and cons. These two types of surgeries are the most effective types of cosmetic surgeries. Gastric bypass is the most effective bariatric surgery, resulting in a significant weight loss in people suffering from severe obesity. It is the second most common weight loss surgery after gastric sleeve.

What type of weight loss surgery is right for you?

Not everyone is not a candidate for weight loss surgery. As a candidate for surgery for weight loss, you must be many things:
Healthy enough to tolerate the procedure but heavy enough to need the surgery
Able to handle the recovery and rapid physical changes that happen after the procedure
You must also be willing to make major life-changing alterations to your lifestyle, including eating healthfully and doing routine exercise.

What is the cost of slimming surgeries in Iran?

The cost of weight loss surgery in Iran, like rhinoplasty in Iran, is affordable, .and the availability of the best specialist surgeons and reputable hospitals has made Iran a great choice. The cost of weight-loss surgeries such as gastric bypass in Iran is between 16 and 20 million. Insurance companies accept the cost of slimming surgery for people with a high BMI of 35 to 40.